Past Experiences with English

In this paper, am going to describe my past experience with English in regard to my approach to the subject, the last thing that I wrote, the common kinds of day-to-day writing that I do, how I feel right now, and the kind of thing that I would like to learn in this class. My past experiences with English are interesting; especially having grown in a family where English was spoken as the second language, I did not encounter a lot of troubles when my interactions with subject began becoming frequent. Although English was usually considered second language in my family, I had little knowledge about the difference that exists between English as a spoken language and English as a subject (Devlin, 2012). Being in this class has made notice that English as a subject is more demanding in the sense that it requires more attention to various elements of the subject that present the original version of English. Therefore, my approach to English encompassed a careful consideration that there was need for correct use of all elements that constitute the subject.

Besides, using English in most of my school activities, little by little the subject became a significant part of my school life. It is a tool that used frequently to communicate in both forms; spoken and written. Considering the written form; for instance, email was my favorite mode of communication especially with family and friends who lived from me. In fact the last thing I wrote when I was in school was email, which I send to my elder who had travelled to upcountry. I wanted to know that I was doing well and that I missed him a lot.

English, having become an essential part of my life today, is a significant tool that enables me to communicate and interact with foreign cultures. In school, English enables me complete my assignments min time because of my broadened comprehension. It enables me communicate with much ease and, also, complete my assignments without any troubles. Having, gradually, become a master of English as a subject, it makes me feel great now that I do most of my writings in English. However, despite the enormous progress that I have made in English, I need this class to assist me polish my English grammar so that I do not make any mistakes whether in spoken or written form.

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