Personal Definitions of Nursing Meta-Paradigm Concepts

Write your own definition for each concept of the meta-paradigm of nursing. Which concept would you add to the meta-paradigm of nursing and why? Which concept would you eliminate and why?

Definitions of the Concepts of the Nursing Meta-Paradigm

The person is a component of the meta-paradigm that focuses on the person receiving treatment from nursing professionals. The person concept also focuses on people like family members and loved ones of the patient. The environment is a concept of the nursing meta-paradigm that discusses patient’s interaction with one’s surroundings (McEwen & Wills, 2018). It analyses internal and external factors surrounding the person. The health concept of the nursing meta-paradigm analyses how different healthcare processes tend to affect patients. Considering it, all nursing processes should be designed to enhance the physical and emotional well-being of the person. The nursing meta-paradigm concept is concerned with how nursing professionals build strong bonds with patients. It deals with integrating their knowledge and skills to provide services to people.

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The philosophy of efficient service delivery to patients relates to the four concepts. Based on my philosophy, the person should be integrated in a way where loved ones are involved in the healthcare process of the patient to ensure he/she gets the best services possible. Subsequently, both the patient and the family should be actively involved in service delivery by nursing professionals. In regard to my philosophy, the health concept seeks to ensure that persons are in the best surroundings to enhance their health and well-being. Considering the environment, without doubt, it is crucial to efficient service delivery in the nursing profession. Furthermore, my philosophy integrates the nursing concept where nursing professionals must be willing to ensure that their skills and knowledge are used to enhance the health and well-being of the patient.

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Although the four concepts in the nursing meta-paradigm have been useful in theory and practice, nurses face some challenges. Thus, there is a need for additional concepts in the profession (Hall, 2015). In my opinion, adding the caring concept to the nursing meta-paradigm is essential to nursing and my philosophy since it is not possible to ensure effective service delivery to patients without it. Notably, through caring, the nursing profession derives its uniqueness and contributes to the well-being of patients (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2017).

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More so, the health concept is essential to the nursing philosophy as it ensures that the primary focus of all nursing processes is on service delivery to patients through catering for their physical, emotional, and social conditions. All of the nursing concepts in the meta-paradigm must be integrated to ensure the well-being of the patient. However, the elimination of the environment concept would not significantly affect nursing contributions to the wellness of patients. In this regard, even if it is eliminated, the remaining three concepts can still lead to the nursing profession being distinguished from other disciplines.

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