Prewriting for Classification and Division – A Family Picnic to Beijing

The picnic my family had to the capital city of China, Beijing on August 6, 2008 was a remarkable, unforgettable and a kind of its own. The city is an incredible destination to travel for educating anyone interested in learning about Chinese culture, which encompasses combination of their latest achievements with their ancient history. As the capital of China, Beijing has been at the pivot of the Chinese cultural, political, economic, and educational center for quite a long time. Moreover, the city provides a wide range of ancient and modern places for family picnics which include the Beijing Olympic Stadium, the Beijing Great Wall, Hou Hai Bar Street, and the Forbidden City.

Visiting the Chinese ancient buildings was a so much resourceful in my life as a scholar of literature and history in learning about the Chinese history. I couldn’t help enjoying the view of the unique characteristics of the Chinese buildings. I remember the tour guide telling us that the passing of time has made the Great Wall be considered as the symbol of China because the wall plays a very significant role of defending the invasions all throughout the Chinese history. To be exact, the Chinese Great Wall was purposefully constructed to defend the invaders from the North of China about a hundred years ago. The guide further told us that the Great Wall was the only building that one can see from the outer space. What a wonderful place for a family to visit and gain knowledge and be entertained in equal measure about the world out of American heritage and history. I can’t forget the unbelievable fact that such a valuable trip was not an expensive one at all, even though I can’t remember the precise amount in yuan my dad paid. Moreover, a visit to several Chinese ancient buildings like the Summer Place, the Temple of Heaven, and the Forbidden City will always remain memorable visits.

One thing I will always be proud of is the coincidence that the family trip with the August 8, 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. We went for the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games and the experience was more than fantastic and unforgettable. It was an opportunity for the Chinese to show the world something very special which surprised everyone on the aspects by which the Beijing’s ancient culture combined with its hi-tech elements. Having known Beijing to exhibit a long history from my class studies, in reality that was just a bit of the ice bag. Nowadays, Beijing has changed a lot, the development of the city happens in a high speed but the family picnic we went for was a hint of a prosperous city to be. On the opening of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games was an amazing experience as the Beijing National Stadium, was colorfully decorated and apart from being called the Bird’s Nest, the stadium was a bee-hive of activities. The steel bars built stadium looks outstanding both from inside and outside, depicting a wonderful shape integrated within a system of multi-technologies. Bird’s nest provides a special feeling with absolute safety and a complete exceptional fun place.

Beijing provides so many wonderful places for family, tourists and scholars to visit, which encompasses the Beijing’s traditional culture with their unique characteristics. The city does not only provide ancient and mysterious places for visit but also an advanced and modern ones. I will always remember Beijing as wonderful place for family travel and an incredible experience of a life-time.

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