Problem Statement – Practical Research

Problem Statement

A problem statement refers to concise description of issues and includes vision, issue statement and the methodology of solving the problem (Leedy & Ormrod, 2014). In addition, it gives a description of words that will keep the efforts. The problem represented must be solvable.

Examples of Problem Statements

  1. We need to produce factory components that have the least number of defects, with high performance levels, at minimal production costs. Currently many components with lower performance and higher number of defects are being produced. If these issues are ignored, many resources will be required to replace the losses resulting from wastage of components, loss of company reputation and losses from customer claims resulting from product warrants.

For this problem statement, the independent variable is the number of defects, while the dependent variable is the production costs.

  1. There is need for increased awareness on dangers of substance abuse among school children in Edison, NJ. In the past one year, there has been an increase in cases of substance abuse among school children. If the trend continues, many children will drop out of school, addiction cases will increase and the community will spend more resources in fighting substance abuse related problems.

For the problem statement above, the independent variable substance abuse, while dependent variable addiction.

  1. The school administration must reduce the amount of fries and other high calorie food stuff supplied to the school canteen in a day. There has been an increase in the number of obese cases among the school children in the past five years. The continued supply of fries and other high calorie food components will lead to more health related problems among the school children and exposure to diseases such as hypertension.

The independent variable is high calorie foods; the dependent variable is cases of obesity.

  1. The company must increase its responsibility towards the needs of the society. Numerous researches done between 2012 and 2015 have shown that company participation in corporate social responsibility helps in building brand name and thus helping increase company market share and ultimately its profitability. Poor sense of social responsibility is poor marketing strategy and will always lead to decline in productivity.

The independent variable is corporate social responsibility, while dependent variable is profitability.

  1. The local police department must improve the community security surveillance. There has been a rise in crime rates in Albany in the last two months, which has increased cases of kidnapping and killings within the community. Ineffective community surveillance creates loop holes from which criminals take full advantage to promote their criminal activities.

The independent variable is crime rates, while dependent variable is kidnapping/killings.

An independent variable remains unchanged by other variables under measurement in any problem, while dependent variables depend on other factors, and can be measured by changing the other factors (Leedy & Ormrod, 2014).

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