Proposal for a Process Improvement That Would Affect all Levels of staff in the Organization

Design a 700- to 1,050-word proposal for a process improvement or cultural change that would affect all levels of staff in the organization. It should be for a health care facility or service (e.g., hospital, physician practice, long-term care facility, ambulance service, pharmacy, or skilled nursing facility).

Process Improvement at Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center

 Process improvement is a practical approach which entails categorizing, evaluating and refining an existing method to achieve optimization within an organization while meeting quality standards.  It is a methodical approach that follows a specific framework with the goal of ultimately improving outcomes (Developing Managers to Manage Sustainable Employee Engagement, Health and Well-being: At-a-glance Checklists, 2017).  The objective of this systematic approach is to develop new techniques which will ultimately assure any organization of success. This proposal for process improvement will, therefore, be based on Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center and how this development will affect all levels of staff within the organization.

The Importance of Process Improvement at Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center

            Process improvement is integral, especially when seeking to introduce positive organizational change. The actual process may involve an in-depth review of workflow, available recommendations, interviewing process within the organization and assessing the suitability of a candidate initially placed in orientation.  Process improvement has been identified as one of the most integral progression available for organizations grappling with problems related to patient experience and the overall turnover rate. It was for this very reason that Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center recently conducted its annual survey to obtain important feedback from its employees. The process sought to obtain feedback from at least 75 percent of the employees (Texas Medical Center | Memorial Hermann, 2020).

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However, the Human Resource Manager soon realized that a sizeable number of employees had deliberately failed to complete the surveys as expected.  It is also noteworthy that employees who proved receptive eventually ended up providing negative feedback regarding the modus operandi within the facility. This was further exacerbated by an overall decrease in the level of employee engagement, portending a dark future for the organization’s performance.   It is, therefore, crucial to propose an appropriate process improvement plan which will be crucial in improving the level of employee engagement within Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center.

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Case Evaluation

            Addressing the organizational problems plaguing Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center requires an exhaustive assessment of the current situation and why it is important to introduce change. Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center has recorded a dramatic reduction in employee engagement within the past three years. This particular issue also caught the attention of the HR manager who called for swift action to remedy the current situation.  The HR manager’s probe is also indicative of the fact that employees within the facility initially participated actively until recently. It is worth noting that employees within Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center painstakingly made certain that it functioned at its very best by aligning their goals with the organizational objectives.  Their understanding of their role within the organization meant that they were now aware of their purpose and their influence in the decision-making process.  Furthermore, employee engagement improved patient service which ultimately resulted in improved outcomes and experiences.  An engaged workforce is an invaluable asset to any organization since it is an integral element to consider when endeavoring to outperform any emerging competition (Sharma et al., 2019, p. 87). Employee engagement is also linked to cumulative gains within an organization and breeds innovation. It also results in higher earnings per share (EPS) which is fundamental to a health facility during periods of economic downturn. An employee engagement survey assesses the level of employee satisfaction at their current position and efforts that will promote high levels of commitment. It also allows upper management to understand employee’s needs and implement strategies that will eventually promote employee engagement.  

Proposed Steps to Improve Employee Engagement at MHT Medical Center

  The following are proposed steps to improve employee engagement at Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center;

  • Underscoring the Importance of Employee Engagement: Although employee engagement is an integral part of any organization aiming for success, numerous occasions exist where it is not highlighted suitably. It is, therefore, integral for Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center to start this process of change by elucidating and re-educating its employees on the crucial nature of employee engagement. They also need to gain an informed understanding of the significance of employee engagement and its impact on output. It also results in employees valuing the organization and averting any scenario that may be damaging to its overall standing.

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  • Exploring Varied Measures of Employee Engagement: Measuring employee engagement is considered an arduous task by many organizations. It is also regarded as one of the most effective measures due to its high level of success (Truss et al., 2013). Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center should ensure it prepares fitting questions that are concise and elicit the desired data. The acquisition of crucial data will, thus, ensure that evocative training programs are developed which ultimately improves the level of engagement.  The questions must cover relevant topics and accord employees the opportunity to respond freely.
  • Appropriate Period to Measure Employee Engagement: Organizations should always acknowledge the importance of conducting employee engagement measures. They should, therefore, be conducted as frequently as possible to remain abreast of concerns by employees and respond appropriately. Employees should also be briefed regarding the reasons why the survey is being conducted and provided with the results. Providing self-explanatory engagement measures at Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center is bound to result in improved engagement levels enabling employees to interact directly with frontline managers, supervisors and upper management.

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