Pros and Cons of Breastfeeding versus Formula-Feeding

Breast feeding is highly preferred since it is rich in all nutrients that a child needs to grow, and develop a strong immunity system. Breast milk is less expensive and thus the child can have more when needed. It also does not require time to prepare and thus, it can hardly be contaminated by the environment. The main disadvantage is that it may contain little nutrients if the mother does not take enough. It may pass some unwanted substance to a child such as alcohol, medication and mercury in fish, it may also be very inconvenient for working mothers and it may be painful and uncomfortable (Benaroch, 2014).

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Formula milk on the other hand is rich in all required nutrients at measured values, it allows flexibility on mother’s side, it is easy for mother to take medication without worries, and mothers do not have to care much about balance in their nutrition. Among the disadvantages is that children to not get antibodies from their mother and thus they are weak in fighting diseases, it is expensive, requires time to prepare, can be contaminated and it may be allergic to some children (Benaroch, 2014).

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