Public Address Covering Issues That Occurred During George Washington’s Term

“Hello everyone, May I take this opportunity to address a military issue and one government evolution that took place during George Washington’s term. George Washington was the Major General and Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. Using his leadership qualities, George Washington managed to establish the principle that the civilian government is superior to the military. Before George Washington came to power, the United States army was barely trained and unequipped. Washington organized the military despite these problems and succeeded in defeating the world’s premier war of its day. Following these victories, Washington made the military to understand that its main purpose was to carry the will of the civil government. To date, it still remains in the minds of historians that the military serves the people of the nation under the authority of the civilian government (Center for Civic Education, 2014).

Most importantly, Washington worked extra hard to shape the institution of the executive branch of the government. He demonstrated high value of a strong executive branch of the government during his term. Serving within the bounds of presidential authority, George Washington strived to organize the executive branch and ensured that it performed its roles effectively. For instance, George Washington obtained necessary consent and advice of the Senate before appointing candidates to fill various executive positions, as required by the Constitution. By 1797, George Washington had already established that the President’s power was vested in the office, but not in the individuals holding the office (Center for Civic Education, 2014). George Washington is still remembered as a leader who made significant developments in the military and government of the United States during his term. Thank you.”

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