Purpose of Conducting an Engineering Survey Prior to a Demolition Project

Demolition work entails a lot of hazards related with construction. Nevertheless, demolition presents extra hazards as a result of unknown factors that include deviation from the design of the structure introduced in the construction, unapproved or approved modification which changes the initial design, materials buried in structural members, as well as unknown construction materials weaknesses or strength. To counter this, engineering survey is needed before a demolition is done.  This survey should focus on the targeted building as well as other adjacent buildings to be able to determine the walls, floors, and frames condition.  Experience person should have a detailed inspection of the roof, cooling tower, chimney, silo or stack. The structure engineering drawing may need to be consulted where possible. Aspects such as building materials, utilities, and the presence of damaged materials or their use in construction (Abatechservices.com, n.d.).

Example, to demolish a two storage wooden house, the engineering survey should establish whether there are any flammable materials, chemicals explosives or gases used previously or stored at the work site that might still present a hazard. The utility and service companies must be notified prior to demolition to enable them to control cap or shut off their system. Special care should be taken in case the structure to be demolished was destroyed by any form of disaster. In this case, the inspection should determine the level of damage and how it has weakened the structure to ensure the right equipment is used (Abatechservices.com, n.d.).

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