The purpose and strategy of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party was an American political party formed by African Americans in the state of Mississippi in the year 1964, at the time of the civil rights movement (McAtee, 2011). The rampant denial of the African Americans from their voting rights as they were ever prevented from participating in such activities fueled the purpose on which the blacks endured to form a political movement on which they can air their grievances or use as a platform for consolidating a black movement on the basis of non-discrimination and non-exclusionary.

According to In Gallagher & In Lippard (2014), this was achieved on the grounds that the formulation of the MFDP became a key thrust to the Freedom Summer project. After it became so hard to register black voters against the cruel opposition of the state officials, Freedom Summer volunteers switched in building the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party by use of very simple alternative procedure of signing up the party supporters. This was a strategy which did not require the blacks to openly defy the whites through trying to get registered at the courthouse or take a highly complex and unfair literacy test.

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