Reasons for Nurses Recruitment And Retention Problem

Existing Problem Of Nurses Recruitment And Retention

The problem that exists within the health care provision that needs to be tackled is the issue of recruitment and retention of nurses. The current health care providers have found it difficult in trying to recruit the correct nurses who are qualified to take up the nursing positions within healthcare institutions. Moreover, the problem has been aggravated by the fact that there has been a rise in the population of those who demand to get good health care. The number of aging people who demand to get health care from the nurses has been on the rise for the last two decades. As a a result of that, a number of institutions and organizations have been out in the recruitment field trying to get the best nurses to bring on board so as to save the situation.

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Another factor is the widening demographic that has resulted in the number of those who demand or desire to get good health care treatment outnumbering those that are available to provide the services. The number of aging people has been growing at a much faster rate than that of the nurses who are responsible for giving medical care to the patients. As a result of that, a vacuum has been created and a solution needs to be found as soon as possible before the situation gets out of hand.

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Additionally, the problem of recruitment has been in existence because a number of nurses have had a feeling of dissatisfaction with the treatment they get from their bosses. A certain fraction of those who are in the management positions have been treating their staff members as second parties at the work places. Moreover, the managers are known to put so much undue pressure on the nurses to perform, issues that has never gone down well with the nurses. As a result of that, there have been a number of nurses who have tendered their resignations because of the harsh and unfair treatment they are subjected to by their managers. At the end of the day, once the nurses resign from work, it is the patients who end up suffering because they do not get the medical attention that they are supposed to be getting.  What most of the nurses have been doing in the recent past is that they serve in the clinics for a very short period just to get the experience that can propel them to the next level of their careers. Once that is achieved, they go ahead to start their own nursing facilities where they become their own managers.\

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There is an educational deficit in that the health care managers need to be taught how to take care and run the various institutions that they are in charge of so that they minimize the problem of employee turnover.

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The impact of the problem is that the patients have been receiving substandard treatment since most of the nurses who are left in charge of the prices do it for the sake of observing the protocol. Additionally, the issue of nurses feeling dissatisfied and a s a result quitting their professions has led to the increasing number of patients who go unattended to due to the shortage in number of nurses. Additionally, the harsh treatment that the nurses receive from their managers has resulted in a scenario where the managers face the problem of retaining their efficient nursing staffs. Dissatisfaction among the nurses has in the recent past been a problem in most health care institutions and organizations. Finally, as a result of the increase in employee turnover, most institutions are forced to recruit new nurses after very short duration. The recruitment process is one that has resulted in increases in costs for those particular organizations. Furthermore, that has resulted in patients seeking private medical attention from institutions, some of which their accreditations are not well known. The private medical attention that is sought by the patients also results in an increase in costs on the side of the patients.

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The issue has become a very grave issue since most healthcare institutions have run short of their nursing staffs, a factor that has in some cases resulted in deaths that could have been prevented. The constant introduction of fresh graduates into the industry is not healthy for the long term sustainability of the nursing profession.  Furthermore, the nurses have been on the forefront in opening their own medical facilities, a factor that has left most the patients confused on which facility to seek medical attention.

Solution to the problem is that a plan should be drawn on how to come up with corrective measures within the health sector. Additionally, the federal governments in collaboration with the states should have strategies of regulating the supply and demand of nurses in the country.

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