Reflection on Organizational Change

Organizational change is that process where organizations make transitions in their current structures, strategies, technologies, or culture, and it can be continuous or occurring on distinctive time. Managing change can be quite challenging due to employee resistance and the cost incurred by the organization while at the same time maximizing effectiveness in the company. Therefore, effective leadership is vital if a company is to achieve a successful transition during the change process. There are skills that leaders should possess necessary to make connections between change in the organization and the people being affected, and they include communication, collaboration, and commitment. For a successful change to occur, leaders must communicate what and why it should happen, then collaborate people in executing the change, such as involving employees in the decision-making process and finally make sure their behaviors and beliefs support the change, for instance, by being resilient and persistent.

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What I have learned about organizational change is that, when change is managed poorly, the result is confusion, which eventually leads to discord, failure, and conflicts in the organization. However, when change is managed well, it triggers success, growth, and high productivity. The main issue in change is finding the best approaches that can inspire and empower employees so they can find good in change and achieve an organization’s objectives. As such, leaders should provide justification for change since people expect accountability and consistency from the top leadership. When it comes to organizational change, I would like to learn more on integrating overall organizational change and culture and how they impact the success or productivity of the employees.

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On that note, the greatest assets of an organization are the people; as such, their attitudes, customs, and beliefs constitute the culture that exists in an organization. Therefore, when making significant changes in the organization, culture must be considered since it ensures its own continuity through its resistant to change; thus, it maintains a status quo. Primarily, organizational culture is what keeps an organization in check during change.

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As much as culture is critical in change management, motivating employees through the change is as well essential. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to maintain employees’ morale even when there a small change in the operations of a company unless when the real value is put in the changes being made. First, providing additional training for the employees to familiarize themselves with the new organizational changes together with the development of employees’ emotions and integrity are important ways to motivate them. Secondly, aligning organizational goals to personal goals for the employees helps increase motivation when there is change. Finally, communication is key, and it makes employees feel involved in organizational changes. Keeping open and positive communication during change keeps high levels of motivation and leads to new ideas from employees that were not initially considered.

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Understanding organizational change and the way of managing it to avoid negative effects is essential. At whichever level in one’s career, it is essential to understand how to manage changes as they come; otherwise, a huge disappointment would be inevitable. When you do not embrace change, you lose a competitive edge, and this does not only affect businesses; it also affects individuals in employment. Conclusively, as long as you understand that change is inevitable, resistance to change will be minimal, and there will be a smooth transition.

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