Review of the Context- Sutherland, M. (2005). Judicial Tyranny. St. Louis, MO: The National Policy Center

The book of Judiciary Tyranny: The Kings of America is authorized by Mark Sutherland, and it is aimed at helping readers to understand the actual role which the government is responsible for, and this was intended by our Founding Fathers. This context is contained with some characters which are notable and most prominent to judges, authors, politicians, and theologians. Similarly, Christians also view this article being essential since it is endowed with ‘proper role and limitation of power for civil government, and the responsibility concerning state as well as its officials particularly while making acknowledgement to Almighty God and His sovereignty’, when it reaches to the administration, the judicial process, as well as its conclusions. Otherwise, this assignment is aimed at providing a review of context ‘Judiciary Tyranny’ so as to give readers clear annihilation concerning various governmental processes (Sutherland, 2005).

Mark and his colleagues uses examples concerning courts, both State and Federal, hence showing how they are overstepping their bounds and  abusing powers during cases involving school’s prayers, public presentation of religious signs, while reciting the Pledge concerning Allegiance, and also during legalization of marriage, abortion, homosexual among others. Unfortunately, the decisions about these state and federal judges are viewed to be violating constitution as well as the actual meaning of Federalism (Sutherland, Meyer & Federer, 2005).

Indeed, Mark has gathered diverse recognized figure whose livelihood purpose and work is to eradicate the American individuals on the balance of government power whereas sustaining our liberties, rights, and freedom as well as freedoms and also adhering to biblical teachings and acknowledging that God is actual sovereign. These individuals include Reverend Rick Scarborough, Chief Justice Roy S. Moore, Ambassador Alan Keyes and James Dobson. These ladies and gentlemen offer an understanding concerning how this country has been affected through the rulings and decisions of those in judicial authority (Sutherland, Meyer & Federer, 2005)

.           Generally, their insights indicates how this nation is away from Christian values, thus indicating the way Satan has been superior in diverse means concerning ‘removal of entire evidence of God, and ultimately God Himself, starting from our past first, and finally our country ’.  At this juncture, our founding fathers were seemed to believe in God and were motivated by individuals including Sir William Blackstone and John Locke as well as their belief that liberty, life and detection of happiness are ‘inalienable since they are part of the image of God provided to human being during creation’ (Sutherland, 2005).

This book has indicated that our founder father had full understanding that the country would require strong foundation concerning biblical principles as well as the Declaration about independence and the American constitution were established with regard to biblical doctrines which they considered. For instance, the 1st Amendment has protected the right to freedom of expression and freedom of religion from the regime interference, and more particularly the Free Exercise Clause of this clause has reserved the right of American citizens to agree to any religious conviction and venturing into religious rituals. This amendment also ascertains that all individuals are chanced to worship God in absence of the government intervention, hence restricting the government from forming a state religion. Basically, it is clear that diverse individuals are currently in confusion whether this amendment is campaigning for separation of State and Church, thus leading to Supreme Court rulings hindering bible readings and prayers in learning institutions. This is due to the fact that this action is viewed as an intention aimed at protecting Church from government and that the regime is supposed to only serve the society and having sufficient authority of protecting their liberties and rights (Graber, 2009).

Moreover, Mark is also trying to show how this country has evolved and the way it has drifted from government which is suggested to have balances and checks, separation of powers, and also the mean of controlling the abuse of government offices. To be particular, the author is trying to advise judges to facilitate attainment of developed notion that the act of wearing black robes makes people wiser as compared to the rest members of the community who can reign supreme on various branches of the government. On the other hand, the book is pressurizing that all people should be subject to administrative authorities which is from God since the leaders are instituted by God (Sutherland, 2005).

While summing up, Mark’s message is viewed to be contained with a profound implication concerning those who read his context and harnessing realization that America has swerved off a biblical path. Otherwise despite of this regime being at distance from the biblical principles, they still use some Godly linked phrases during the Allegiance’s Pledge and while swearing. However, Judiciary Tyranny is gearing the society to be voting believers and those who are endowed with essential moral values since these individuals are endowed with higher potential of making righteous decisions. In conclusion, these the people who can come up with ideas in honour of the Lord and make decisions based to God’s will (Sutherland, Meyer & Federer, 2005).

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