Sec 300 – The Legality of Security Work – Private Security Negligence


There are many private firms offering security to the general population part from the government. Most of the private sector trains its workforce and posts them to the various stations to carry out their duties. The firm can be deemed negligent either in training their personnel or how their staff deal with the general populace may have a legal liability to the company should any problems occur that would compromise the security of a particular place (Nemeth, 2011). Some of the negligent instances may involve wrongful arrest or delay in executing various tasks that eventually lead to a security breach. As such the security firms may be sued for various torts.

There are many court cases that involve private security companies especially concerning negligence in their duties. Some of the instances security officers have been caught in are false arrests, false imprisonment, battery and assault that may be classified as torts when they happen to the general public. Most studies have found that inadequate training is one of the leading causes of negligence among the private security officers. Inadequate training can become an important factor, especially where the security officers use excess force or mishandle people in their workstations. An example is the misuse of firearms. The officers may not know how to use guns since they were not properly trained by their companies. As such the wrongful use of a firearm on the part of the private security officers becomes an act of negligence. Therefore, if the court find out that the company had not trained its officers properly, it will have to bear the legal implications and thus the legal liability towards the affected parties.

The increase in various crimes is an urgent call for many public and private buildings to have adequate security for their premises. The private security ensures that the people venturing into such facilities are assured of security and that their stay is secured. Therefore, not providing security for the premises will be negligence on the part of the building owners and any crime that happens will have legal implications should the company be sued.

Some of the crimes committed in insecure buildings include and are not limited to murder, drug trafficking, rape, battery and theft. Conclusively, private security negligence results when arrangements are not made by the owners to ensure that the safety of the building is enhanced. Some of the security measures to be taken can be hiring of security guards, video camera surveillance around the premises and in the building, setting up secure locks and bolts on the entrances and doors to ensure that safety is not compromised. Such measures will prevent any negligence if carried out to the letter and avoid legal liability on the part of the firm since the measures in place will ensure the security of the building.

Preventing negligence in private security is crucial. Private security helps in the government’s overall mandate of providing security to its citizens and hence ensuring that they are safe (Pastor, 2007). As a consequence, private security firms should ensure that their staff is properly trained in the use of firearms and on how to handle the general public. The adequate training will go a long way in making sure that the security firm reduces negligence to a minimum. Besides, property firms should engage security firms for the enhancement of safety in their premises to prevent negligence that may make them have legal liability. In carrying out the measures mentioned above negligence, will be kept at a minimum and the various torts of negligence be minimized.


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