SEC 315 Course – All Discussions With Sample Answers

Sec 315 Security Assessment And Solutions

SEC 315 Week 6 Discussion Questions

Evidence Collection

Please respond to the following:

  • As a  security administrator, if you believe that suspicious activity may be  taking place, explain at what point you become concerned about the chain  of custody for potential evidence.
  • Describe the approach  necessary to ensure that all evidence is gathered properly and that the  chain of custody has been maintained. Then, evaluate which step in the  outlined approach is the most likely to be skipped or not executed  properly.

Communication Dilemma

Please respond to the following:

  • As  an employee, you receive an email that was misdirected. The content of  the email implies that the sender of the email is involved in criminal  behavior involving your company. Explain how you would you go about  communicating this email, and to whom you would report to. Speculate the  implications of simply ignoring the email and determine how this might  impact the process of investigating security incidents.
  • Interpret  this situation from a security point of view and outline the process  you would follow in collecting evidence while investigating this case.

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