How to Set up a Festival Booth

Running a booth is a great way to promote an organization ,product and cause, whether at a festival, convention or fair a festival booth will act as a platform to show case the displays. Planning and preparation are key to coming across professionally and attracting attention you deserve(Chumney& Edward, 1994)

Setting up a festival booth entails two methods, i.e. before the event and during the event. Before the event, seeking out the appropriate event for the boot should be the first step. Attending a similar event as a member of the public will give an overview of what other presenters are doing. Signing up early, finding what I required to run the booth at the event, applying and paying any fees ahead of time should be the second step. At this stage, contacting event organizers with any special requests should be done.

Third stage should cover keeping track of all costs associated with the event that includes booth rental, travel, hotel, giveaways, food etc.  After the event, one will need to compare its cost and results with other events to decide if you want to return. Making reservation is the fourth stage, if you must travel to get to the event, reserve lodging, book flights and secure a rental car.

Gathering the supplies is the fifth stage in setting up a festival booth. Supplies will depend on the exact nature of the event and what is been promoted. The following should be considered also;

  1. Show your identity clearly by displays and signs.
  2. Colorful stickers such as pens and t-shirts to act as reminders.
  3. Literature for people to contact you such as business cards.
  4. Demonstrations which will allow your visitors to participate in some way.

The sixth stage will cover getting help if your booth is doing its job, one should not make the booth a one-person show. One other person can help a lot. Preparing your help by letting visitors know what you are offering the public, whom is been approached and how, where facilities are and when to arrive should be the seventh step. The last step before the event should be dressing for success, this entails staffing your booth with attractive people who are attired appropriately but yet draw attention (Ian Yeoman, ed.,2004)

During the festival, showing up early is the first step, this gives plenty of time to set up the booth and scope out the facilities before the crowds descend. The second stage here is looking at your booth from outside, viewing the booth from the point of view of your visitors is of great insight. The third step is to consider your traffic patterns e.g. do you want to be behind the table with the audience in front (Howard &Kevin, 1997)

Forth step covers been friendly, talking to the customers when they walk up to your booth will create a platform for more likes. The fifth step is conveying your message to the people you draw in your booth. Make sure they leave with some basic understanding of why you are there.

Sixth step is questioning people about their interests which involves them in the conversation and tells you the direction to go with your pitch. The seventh stage is distributing flyer, other handouts or brochures. The items remind people of your organization, contact information and your message after the festival. The final steps include exchanging contact information with the visitors, cleaning up your own area and writing down your experiences.

Writing down your experiences will act as your final steps as both positive and negative sides of the festival booth are analyzed and explained.

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