Small Business Sector Description And Analysis

The purpose of the assignment is for you to describe and analyze the small business sector in a country of your choice. I recommend you choose a country with which you are somewhat familiar or have a certain interest in. Use the slides from session 2 as an inspiration to some of the aspects your report should deal with, but you should not copy the format of the slides. You should present the information in a coherent and well-structured report format, including relevant graphs and tables. As this assignment includes both description and analysis you should make sure you choose the content critically and comment on your findings.


  • Length: 5000 words, including reference list and appendices
  • Format: Word

Proposed content:

  • Short introduction to country
  • General statistics about micro and small businesses, eg. employment, value creation, sectors, etc.
  • Ease of doing business
  • Special challenges
  • Political support
  • Other information you consider relevant.


You can find information for this report by researching newspaper articles and statistical databases (eg. from European Commission, the World Bank, and national governmental institutions)
NB! Make sure to reference all sources correctly. Use both in-text references and a final bibliography list. Do not copy-paste any information from your sources into your report. I recommend you even make your own tables and graphs to ensure consistency in your layout. Word has a tool that makes referencing easy. Ask me if you have any doubts about how to reference correctly.
Evaluation Criteria:

  • Overall structure, coherence, and readability
  • Choice of information presented
  • Conclusions drawn
  • Use of sources

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