Emergency Management Plan Analysis

An emergency management plan is a document that typically addresses the following:

  • Assigns responsibility to organizations and individuals to carry out specific emergency management actions
  • Identifies organizational relationships
  • Describes how actions will be coordinated

This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply practical knowledge in a real world setting. For this assignment, you will thoroughly explore an emergency management plan. Special attention should be given specific components of the plan, as described below. Finally, you will provide an evaluation of what you have observed.


  • Describe how the plan identifies and assigns specific areas of responsibility for performing essential functions in response to a disaster.
  • Describe how the plan addresses communication, mitigation, preparedness, response, & recovery.
  • Describe how the plan adopts an incident management system and provides an organizational structure.
  • Describe the communication strategy for communicating with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Based on these observations provide an evaluation of the emergency management plan and it’s utility for the organization. Be sure to address the adequacy of the plan, especially in regards to the items mentioned above.

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