The Society Should Embrace Homosexuals – Argumentative Essay


Presently, there is organized opposition to homosexuality as well as marriages between homosexuals. Elementarily, those most opposed to the legalization are groups driven by evident homophobic agenda. When one examines what the groups and are and their activities outside the gay marriage discourse arena, the agenda becomes rather clear. Most of the groups claim to have their roots in varied religions (Dryden, Lenon & Awwad, 2015). Even then, I am convinced that their religious claims against homosexuality do not absolve them from the actuality that the claims are typified by hate against a particular class of citizens. The hate is not extinguished by the fact it is masked by spiritual, or religious, sentiments. When one paints a thorny tree lightly, it does not become less of a thorny tree according to Rowse (1983) and Thomas and Levin (1999). The groups have been up in arms against legal measures geared towards legalizing marriages between homosexuals and homosexuality in general according to Drinan (2004). I find the “What Is a Homosexual?” essay by Sullivan (2011) rather welcome particularly the way it characterizes how most of us view homosexuals nowadays. Sullivan (2011) presents homosexuals as a group of citizens that the society is keen casting off unjustifiably. Homosexuals continue to find it very risky to express their sexual feelings and orientations publicly (Merrick & Sibalis, 2001; Ropers & Pence, 1995). They continue being afraid of coming out and expressing their feelings since they are afraid that the society will dislike them or even talk ill of them because of their homosexual nature. The society ought to hold close homosexuals, allowing them to communicate their sexual orientation freely like the rest of the public.

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The acceptance and legalization of homosexuality along with gay marriages would help promote non-discrimination and equality in the society. According to Sullivan (2011), homosexuals live in closets since they view the society as keen on harming them according to Rowse (1983) and Thomas and Levin (1999). The legalization of homosexuality along with gay marriages would help make them come off the closets and make them feel welcomed and secure. Presently, the illegalization of homosexuality makes gays feel insecure since they are not able to be themselves. They view the society as keen on doing hate crimes on them (Dryden, Lenon & Awwad, 2015). That is likely to continue being a problem if heterosexuals are afraid of accepting those whom they dislike or understand. I am of the opinion that every heterosexual should be educated how to deal with his or her being around gays to help promote a sense of non-discrimination and equality in the society. Is there a justifiable need for the continued discrimination of gay persons who contribute every day to the society’s life in varied ways spiritually, vocationally, politically, fiscally, socially, and culturally? Gay persons are essential to the persistent evolution and growth of the society (Merrick & Sibalis, 2001; Ropers & Pence, 1995). The society would suffer immensely if they withdrew their numerous contributions. The acceptance and legalization of homosexuality along with gay marriages would affirm the intrinsic value of gay persons as worth citizens who deserve to enjoy all the rights enjoyed by the other citizens. The promotion and support of non-discrimination, as well as equality, plays a significant role in lessening homophobia and affirming minority populations in nations that have for a long time suffered marked stigmatization and discrimination. The acceptance and legalization of homosexuality along with gay marriages would communicate to all that intimate relationships between homosexuals are of comparable worth to intimate relationships between straight persons. That would help lessen intergroup, or interclass, prejudices as well as support sexual diversity according to Drinan (2004).

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I am convinced that the embracing and legalization of homosexuality along with gay marriages would help in validating and promoting the stability of family units of homosexual persons. Presently, the society’s future is represented by children (Dryden, Lenon & Awwad, 2015). Thus, it is in the society’s best interests to help children in their development irrespective of their parents. The marriage institution assists in fostering children’s wellbeing through the provision of varied protections, benefits, and rights that bolster family units and relationship linkages to spouses according to Rowse (1983) and Thomas and Levin (1999). Many children are being brought up by homosexual parents presently (Merrick & Sibalis, 2001; Ropers & Pence, 1995). The parents are disallowed from marrying legally in their states with a ban on gay marriages. That disadvantages the children, robbing them of the protections that other children enjoy in the typical families according to Drinan (2004). That makes the children outside the traditional family set-ups appreciate own families as second-rate or inferior citizens who do not deserve the rights enjoyed by other citizens. Clearly, the embracing and legalization of homosexuality along with gay marriages would help in addressing that injustice through rendering support to family stability and supporting the validation of the value of families with homosexual parents.

Clearly, the claims of those opposed to homosexuality and intimate relationships between homosexuals do not hold up when scrutinized keenly. The claims are not hinged on credible rationales. Thus, let is get on without hate for homosexuals. Let us defeat our continued aversion to homosexuals based on reasons that are irrational, ignorance, and erroneous suppositions.

Let us aim at making our society increasingly honorable and just by allowing everyone enjoy justice and freedom. We should stop our inclination towards politicizing the continuing debate on whether homosexuals ought to be valued as all others under our law. When marriages between homosexuals are allowed, they harm nobody. Rather, they promote the lives of many homosexuals, their families, and the society politically, culturally as well as politically.

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