Is Society Safer Without Guns? Does Carrying Guns Create Public Tension?


Research on gun violence has presented overwhelming evidence that firearms make society more dangerous(Harvard School of Public Health, 2015). This is so because the possession of guns not only stimulates violence but also permits it(Bushman, 2013). The ever-presence and easy availability of guns in America, underlies the tension between communities and the police.

Is society safer without guns?

Yes, society is safer without guns because:

  • It reduces the risk of suicide – Scientific evidence on the subject of suicide indicates that having a gun in the house points to an increased risk of suicide(Harvard School of Public Health, 2015).
  • It reduces the risk of homicide – Research has shown that for a woman living in a house where a gun is present, there is an increased risk that she will be a victim of homicide(Harvard School of Public Health, 2015).
  • It makes revenge more likely –It is hard to separate the role of guns in the U.S. from all the aggression, defensiveness, and mistrust that arise around the subject and context of firearms.

Does Carrying Guns Create Public Tension?

Yes, carrying guns create public tension because:

  • The ‘weapons effect’ plays a role – This refers to the concept in psychology suggesting that the mere presence of a weapon automatically triggers aggression(Bushman, 2013).
  • It makes it harder for the police to retreat – The possession of a gun makes it more likely that a standoff that had the potential of being resolved peacefully will escalate and get out of hand very quickly, because it makes it harder for the police to give suspects the benefit of doubt and retreat(Badger, 2014).


From the above evaluation of the arguments on whether guns make society safer and whether carrying guns create public tension, it is clear to see that the presence of a gun either at home or in the public domain makes those places more dangerous than safe.

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