Steps Of Protein Formation – DNA To Finished Protein

Explain the steps of protein formation beginning with DNA and ending with the finished

What the formation of protein begins with is an m-RNA is a transcription from the DNA gene that found in the nucleus. It then moves to the cytoplasm in preparation for the following step. Initiation soon begins with the AUG codon where ribosomes now interact with t-RNA and m-RNA. The initial process starts with t-RNA which contains N-formyl-methionine that has to convert later to an amide group. The next step is elongation which occurs on the peptide when the cell’s t-RNA decodes the next codon. Here, a correct match with the anti-codons is sought to form a peptide bond from the tyrosine (Toole & Toole, 2003, p. 99). Through hydrolysis, proline is derived from t-RNA which then moves back to the cytoplasm to form a proline amino acid. The last step involves elongation and termination after the amino acids are hydrolyzed from the t-RNA which ultimately forms protein.

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