Quantitative Research


When Multivariate Analysis Is Appropriate For A Quantitative Study

Multivariate analysis deals with the observation and analysis of more than one variable at a time this technique is utilized in performing trade studies in design and analysis across a number of dimensions and at the same time taking into account the effect that the variable has on the responses of interest(Hair,2010).This type of analysis […]


Sampling Strategy and Sample Size for a Quantitative Research Plan

Population Notably, the population of a given research is constituted by all possible individuals who could be subjects of the research. The target population for the forthcoming study will comprise of all the salaried persons in a given locality defined by high crime incidence. Specifically, the population will comprise of all those have resided in


Quantitative Research Article Summary – The Long-term Consequences of Parental Divorce for Children’s Attainment of Education

Bernardi & Radl authored the article and was subsequently published in the journal article of Demographic Research in 2014. The selection of this article was based on its quantitative design of quasi-experimental. The summary of the research model that this journal article employed can be found on page 1659. This journal article is a good


Measurement And Instruments For A Quantitative Research Plan

Levels of measurement used in the research When carrying out research in social sciences, one needs to be reliable and accurate. Data collection in social sciences takes so many forms. These includes measurement of cognition, perception, opinions and others that cannot be measured directly. In the quantification of perceptions, events and people, there are four


Comparison Of Qualitative And Quantitative Research Approaches

A research refers to  an investigation  undertaken  with an aim of generating knowledge, the tasks of research is to generate the exact  information  that will guide in the decision making  process, the systematic  investigation  involves the gathering of information using the  appropriate instruments of data collection, for example use questionnaire or the  sampling process, quality


Evaluating Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Quantitative Research Designs

Introduction The general quantitative research design structure is founded in the scientific techniques where deductive reasoning is applied. In this case the researcher creates hypothesis which are related to the research questions that are normally founded on the purpose of study. These hypotheses are highly based on the available theories addressing the research subject. This

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