How to Teach and Enforce Ethical use of Information?

Teaching Ethical Use of Information

To develop a highly effective framework of health care system, it is important to understand, inculcate and enshrine the broader element of ethical concerns in such settings. Ethical concerns are regarded as actions that are the right thing to do, but not merely what the law requires. These actions must be defined clearly since the health care industry is fond of difficult situations involving ethical dilemmas. Teaching and enforcing ethical use of information in such a work setting is critical and involving in a number of aspects.

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On the aspect of teaching ethical use of information, there are various stages which one would put in place. This is primarily significant since teaching employees to be capable of making ethical decisions must be considered a top priority to the organization aiming at promoting better business and achieve good results for the bottom line. Therefore, teaching ethical use of information would involve:

Stage 1:  The initial step of undertaking the process of teaching ethical use of information in a health care working setting would be choosing the most appropriate medium to teach and train the employees(Ashley,  DeBlois & O’Rourke, 2013). This would involve teaching them through live instruction or use media such as books and other several written materials.

Stage 2:Establish periodic teaching sessions to ensure that there is learning and reviewing of the techniques for making ethical decisions. The effectiveness of these learning sessions is achieved only on regular meetings and reviews which would be necessary towards creating a real swing in practice.

Stage 3: Give the employees a task on real life scenario during the sessions and let them unravel the ethical issues in it and come up with the best way to go about it. A thorough discussion on the potential issues and consequences should be done under the guidance of an instructor in order to make the employees deduce a valid conclusion on the case study (Edge & Groves, 2014).

Stage 4: Undertake the evaluation process by assessing the ethical decision-making among the employees. Employees with a great gist of responsible behavior should be rewarded in order to encourage continuance and motivate others to follow suit.

Stage 5: Establish a channel for reporting ethical abuses. An open environment should be encouraged among the employees so that they feel safe and protected in case they report such cases.

Enforcing Ethical Use of Information

On the aspect of enforcing the ethical use of information, the policies of health care ethics must entail enforcement provisions to make the employees understand that when one fails to abide by the set standards there are consequences (Lachman, 2012). Enforcing these ethical standards would first start by clearly stating the type of behavior which is expected among the employees. This would involve banning unethical behaviors at workplace among the workforce.

In addition, the potential punishment on those individuals found guilty of carrying unethical act should be clearly outlined. These would make the employees understand the repercussions and therefore take notice and put a great effort to avoid the unethical acts.

Formulation of a reward system is a noble way of enforcing the element of ethical behavior among the whistleblowers. Praising and rewarding such individuals encourage ethical behavior within the organization (Ashley,  DeBlois & O’Rourke, 2013). Formulating a framework to ensure privacy of whistleblowers would reduce any form of hesitation from the employees to report any unethical complain.

Establishing a credible ethical panel to handle matters of unethical concerns. The panel should be tasked with investigating and passing fact-based judgment in any case of unethical boundaries. The panel should exercise fairness and justice to ensure putting back the backbone of ethical standards of the organization.

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