Technology Use in Interdisciplinary Communication

Technology Use in Interdisciplinary Communication

The growth and change of technology has highly influenced communication in various institutions. Today various institutions have adopted modern communication methods such as internet due to its high level of reliability and efficiency. The new technology has been greatly used to communicate in medical field. It has enhanced communication not just between nurses and their patients, but also interdisciplinary communication. Some of the technology that can be used to enhance interdisciplinary communication include email which is very secure and can be used to convey private information only to the required individuals. It ease the communication since a single message can be broadcast to many people at once through the CC or BCC features (Fisher & Clayton, 2012).

Mobile phones can also be used for interdisciplinary communication. This can be used through messaging using the SMS feature or through making calls. These calls can enhance call conference where more and more people are added in a conversation or it can be done to one person. SMS feature can also be used to broadcast a message through group messaging feature found in modern phones. Twitter can also be used to make interdisciplinary communication. However, all the required individuals must be following the communicator in the twitter platform (Fisher & Clayton, 2012).

Skype is another technology that can be used to enhance interdisciplinary communication and discussions. This can be done through chats or video conferencing. Others include group Google chats, company’s blog or through any other social media messaging or chat platform. All these techniques can be employed. However, the chosen technology depends on the nature of the message and the targeted receivers. If the message is private and confidential email, mobile phone and Skype, and Google chat would be the best form of communication.  Others can only be used if the message is general and would not cause any harm if seen by untargeted audiences (Fisher & Clayton, 2012).

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