Elements to Address When Developing A Team

Imagine you’ve been promoted to a management position and you are tasked with developing your new team. In this assignment you will create a writeup that depicts the different elements that need to be addressed as you assemble your team.  

What is a team?

A team refers to a group of persons with different tasks and skills, who work together on shared projects, goals, or service with mutual support and interconnecting functions. A team is created to ensure that the said group of people collaborates effectively in completing a specific task. For teams to be effectual, they must perform both the teamwork and task-work successfully Teamwork is one of the most essential facilitators in attaining cost-effective, positive outcomes in different organizational settings. Teamwork is said to offer higher adaptability, creativity, and productivity compared to what an individual can offer while enhancing staff retention and job satisfaction. To ensure the improved performance of team members, the team leader should focus on developing a diverse team where people with different attributes are engaged. This paper describes the process of diverse employees’ team formation, how to improve team dynamics, and enhance employee behaviors and management measures employed to guarantee that team functions align with the mission of the company.    

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Creating a Diverse Team of Employee with Different Strengths

One way to create a functional team with higher chances of being successful is by embracing diversity. One can create a diverse team by integrating people of different cultural, religion, race-ethnicity, country of origin, or different levels of skills, competence, operational level, and tasks among other things. Creating a diverse team can be illustrated by a team of health emergency response systems, in an area impacted by a natural calamity such as an earthquake. To create such a team the team leader needs to consider the main goal of the team, which is saving the life of the victims and helping them to adapt to the new normal (Kozlowski and Ilgen, 2).

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The team leader will also need to evaluate the possible health needs of the targeted population. For instance, the earthquake victims are likely to demonstrate physical injuries and trauma due to the harsh experience, death of the loved ones. This means medical professionals that include doctors or physicians, and nurses are highly relevant to be integrated into the team. Others include the psychologists to assist in psychological issues. The team leader can also include public health workers to assist in enhancing public health. This means the team will comprise of members from different areas of specialization. The selected members will include individuals of different gender, ages, and levels of skills and experience. The team member will be selected from different cultural groups to ensure that the team can care for all victims from different communities despite language barriers and other challenges. Team diversity strengthens the team in that members can assist in addressing cultural diversity among the patient, and ensure whole care among patients and calamities.   

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Methods Adopted to Improve Team Dynamics and Employee Behaviors

The group dynamics concept refers to changes that might happen in any section of the group and bring out reactions and actions in the group structure that impact group members. To be able to comprehend the groups, their dynamics require to be assessed. According to Gencer (1), group dynamics include behaviors and attitudes within the small groups. Thus, to improve group dynamics, the group leader needs to employ effective group management strategies that influence members’ behaviors and attitudes. This can include promoting open communication among the team members. This will help in learning more about each other, understanding one another, and eventually developing trust among the groups.

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Group dynamics can also be enhanced by embracing diversity management and inclusion among the team members. This will help to build respect among members despite their level of diversity. The team leaders should also promote group dynamics by building a team culture that enhances collaboration among members and working together to achieve a common goal. The team culture will influence workers’ behaviors (Gencer, 1). It will dictate workers’ norms, practices, and operational procedures, which will influence how they interact with. This can be done by the use of developing team policies and encouraging members to follow these policies. The team leader plays a great role in improving members’ behavior and attitude by ensuring that he or she establishes a team’s goals and objectives. They also assist in defining strategies that members must employ to help them achieve their objectives. The leader’s ability to influence their members’ commitment towards achieving the team’s goal also plays a great role in promoting team diversity.

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Management Techniques you would implement to ensure that the Team Aligns to Company’s Mission

Team management refers to techniques, tools, and processes for coordinating and organizing a group of people working towards a shared goal. One of these strategies involves aligning the team goals and operational strategies with the organization’s goals. In most cases, the team focuses on part of the organization’s projects or tasks which eventually contribute to the organizational general performance. Organizations normally have their goals which focus on accomplishing the organization’s mission and vision. The team also has its own specific goals that focus on the successful completion of the team goal or tasks. Being a part of the organization, the team goals should be guided with the organization’s goal, mission, and vision. This means the team should be working to make a positive contribution and a positive milestone in attaining the organization’s goals and mission.

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Thus the team must cascade its goals with those of the organization to ensure its alignment with those of the organization. Another strategy is ensuring effective communication not just within the team, but also within the organization (Mealia and Baltazar, 3). Effective communication will make it easy for the team to collaborate with the organization to be able to understand the organization’s goals and strategy and hence making it easy to align the team goal with that of the organization. Besides, effective communication helps in making the followers understand team strategies and applying them effectively to achieve team goals. This thus assists in ensuring no mistakes done in aligning the team’s goals with those of the organization.


A team involves coming together of two or more persons with shared interests or goals. Each of the team members plays a specific role to attain the team goal. However, for the team to accomplish its role effectively the team leader must ensure to develop team dynamics. This involves influencing members’ behaviors and attitudes to be able to focus on team goals and objectives. It also entails creating a good relation among the team members to build trust and to enhance collaboration that eventually promotes a positive outcome. Other than this, the team must ensure that it makes a positive contribution to the organization by aligning its objectives and goals with those of the organization. This can be attained by cascading the team goals in the organization’s goals, and by ensuring effective communication not just among the team members, but also between the team leader and the organization’s management.

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