The City is a Key Site and Target for the Elaboration of Political Projects – Discussion

The emergence of cities in the ancient world was directly tied to the social and, most importantly, political organization in the Fertile Crescent. Cities displayed a dramatic shift from the typical rural pattern of life and marked the beginning of a new approach in the administration of human societies. New political systems were soon developed and harnessed to promote this new structure together with the benefits that would accrue from centralization. Political projects have often been started and directed in major cities with many technocrats viewing them as nothing more than superlative targets. The following is a discussion centered on cities as key cities of development and why they are usually targeted for the amplification of political projects.

Cities have recently become marks for political projects owing to the crucial nature of the intertwined relationship that they share. Politics and urban planning go hand in hand since parties from both divides need to be involved directly for posterity. Cities are fundamental to political projects since development initiatives that are established here will also benefit those living in its environs. In essence, this strategy ensures that every amenity required by the people is available which ultimately makes them self-sufficient. It is also worth noting that the elaboration political projects are undertaken to assure the residents of economic profits and a better quality of life in these localities. Policy-maker decisions are implemented in all levels of leadership to make certain that rigorous changes are made with a particular focus on management and administration (Huston, 2015). Those taking part in these initiatives will also work towards making sure that these projects succeed due to the perceived political rewards that they may reap as a result of their dedication. The augmentation of projects that already exist in urban areas is an easy task since all the necessary groundwork had already been laid.  Chances of success or failure can, therefore, be accurately discerned within the shortest amount of time possible and avert situations where huge losses could be made. An ensemble of actors and planners take part in this process to ensure that their efforts eventually result in success. Politicians, entrepreneurs, and bureaucrats would work hand in hand to fulfill the objectives of all concerned groups and their interests.

The expansion of political projects also takes place in cities to be in line with the vision that adopted by the government and expand it. Cities are a byproduct of urbanism and adhere to a framework that is naturally subjective. The extension of political projects is part of the local government’s mandate to make certain that the cities affairs are conducted in an organized manner devoid of any institutional confusion. In addition to this, the political class enforces these decisions in line with their commitment to the residents concerning the cumulative benefits that they were to expect. The main motivation for persons moving to the cities is a chance to secure gainful employment to secure their future. It is for this reason that political projects in the cities aim to create more opportunities for this segment of the population in order to hasten their social progress. These populations also grow at a high rate, especially considering that there are more people living in the rural areas willing to make this epic journey that is often viewed as their best chance they have to transform their lives. Governments certify that political projects are revamped as a measure that ensures that the carrying capacity of these metropolitan areas is not exceeded. All city dwellers are equal under the law, which is why services are provided impartially and to every resident. Political projects are an indication of this commitment to avoid parochial feelings and instances of blatant exclusion that is contrary to social justice.

In conclusion, political projects extend the lifeline of cities and the primary reason why governments invest a considerable amount of their revenue towards such initiatives. Cities host a burgeoning population that requires additional services with every dawn. The expansion of political projects is a measure that aims to ensure city planning takes place while guaranteeing the general populace of additional opportunities.

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