The National Coalition on Health Care (NCHC)

The NCHC is a partnership of groups working to attain a comprehensive health system reform. The two-decade-old organization is nonprofit in nature and represents over 80 other participant organizations, including healthcare societies, unions, business, health care providers, insurers, faith-based organizations, patients, as well as groups representing different groups in the society. Cooperatively, the NCHC acts for more than 100 million Americans.

The main mission NCHC seeks to realize is the achievement of an affordable, high-value healthcare system for consumers, patients, employers, and taxpayers. Besides, it seeks to be a leader in the promotion of a healthy population as well as in the advocacy of more effective and efficient healthcare system that offers quality care for all populations. In order to propel its operations toward this unified purpose, the NCHC is founded on five core principles. They include cost management, equitable financing, health coverage for all, improvement of healthcare quality and safety, and simplified administration. These values are the very foundations on which the organization’s mission is based and characterize the formation of a framework for the improvement of America’s healthcare system.            

So far, the NCHC has played a constructive role in the efforts to attain healthcare reform as well as to strengthen dealings designed to reduce the cost of healthcare. It continues to develop change across the entire system via a multi-faceted program of strategy development, advocacy, and consensus building. The organization’s membership remains open to all organizations that may be willing to participate in the advancement of healthcare system changes for an affordable future.

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