The Smashing Machine – Film Review

The film represented the ultimate fighting championship that was flourishing in the United States in the mid-90s. These business was operated as a pay-per-view-fueled sport. The sport attracted bloodthirsty fan, who perceived the professional boxing and wrestling to be too genteel. It was not long before the brutality and novelty sport which is mixture of martial arts and big emotions was banned from being aired in cable TV (Hyams, 2002). The move was seen as ironical because the film “The smashing Machine” which is considered as bone-crunching documentary made debut on HBO. The film centered on mark Kerr, who had a mass of muscles as well as Mike Tyson like voice. After the conditions become unfavourable in the United States, Kerr decided to seek greener pastures in Japan. In Japan, they lacked self-appointed moral guardian figure like McCain.

In the film, Japan was seen as a healthy location which permits pro wrestling industry to flourish. The country presented a segment where sports included the mixed arts which attracted fighters from different disciplines come together to compete and the sport was guided by few rules. Having won several games without losing Kerr carried pride of being the best, not until a bad ref call that made him to lose the game (Hyams, 2002). He certainly bottomed out because he was in constant use of drugs because of the pain. This film showed that some business are difficult to be abandoned especially when one is addict to.

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