How To Use California Intercontinental University Learning Center – Single Source Essay

California Intercontinental University Learning Center

California Intercontinental University Learning Center provide different platform in which the students can access the information and learning resource needed to improve their studies. The online service in California University Learning Center enable students to access information and learning materials anywhere in the world upon login to the website. In order to navigate California University Learning Center, one has to login to the CalU’s LearnCenter (UC Learning Center, 2015). The first appearance in the webpage is the learners Dashboard, which allow the students to launch activities for which they are registered. The webpage also enables the students to search feature and training schedule they wish to access in the learning process. The California Intercontinental University Learning Center have many option which include assigned training, cancel registration, add self-reported training, waiting lists, transcripts and certificates, books 24/7, frequently asked questions, contact us and new. Each of the tab enables the students to navigate through the activity and access the information they need.


California Intercontinental University Learning Center is user friendly, thus enabling the students to navigate through easily and quickly. The Dashboard have shortcuts which include browsing catalog that enables the students to search for various categories and subcategories. By using search box in the left hand corner of the learner Dashboard. In the search box, the student types the title or keyword for the activity they intend to find and click the magnifying glass to begin the search. The search box also have auto-suggest which makes it easier for the students to locate the activity by clicking the title and navigate straight to the activity. After every step, the students is guided by the tabs below the box such as back, register, next, submit and cancel.

The Student Resource Center

The student resource center also provide online services that enables students in different geographical region to access reading and learning resource. The resource center offers services such as books, journals, articles, audio and video tapes. In order to locate the resource, the student needs to type in the catalogue of the resource they intend to find. Auto-suggest enables the students to speed up the search process. The resource center also enables the students to access reading and learning resources that are not electronic. However, most of the resources are found online and the students are required to navigate through the resource centers’ website. The webpage have menu in which the students select the resource they need. The resources found in the electronic form can be downloaded and printed in different version. Each student is required to have a login details in order to enable them to access the resource.

Posting and responding in forums

The procedure of posting and responding in forum involves going into the site menu bar. The students would then click on the forums option. The next step is for the student to type in the title of the topic in which he/she would want to start the conversation. The next tab is Start a New Conversation. When the student click on this tab, the next step would require the users to type the subject of their conversation. Below the title is the space in which the student would be required to start a new conversation. The appropriate tool to use is the rich-text editor for composing the message. Rich-text editor enables the students to format the message to suit their needs. Only few aspects could be added manually such as colored text. At the bottom of the box where the message was composed has an option that allow the students or the user to add attachment. The Add attachment button is optional because the user can post and respond in a forum without necessary attaching a field.

Important contact information

            Important information could be accessed online through yellow pages. The yellow pages website have almost all the contact information of the institution, organizations and businesses. Although, the yellow pages have contacts in the printed form, users can also access the important contacts such as telephone numbers, post office address and the location of the institution. In most case, yellow pages have come in partnership with Google maps which allow the users to view the direction and location of the institution.

The general layout of a classroom

            The arrangement of the classroom should be design to allow maximum interaction between the students and the teacher or instructor. Traditional classroom arrangement left some students with minimum interaction with the teacher. This would impact the performance of these students. However, modern classroom arrangement is designed to enhance interaction between the teacher and the students (McCorskey, & McVetta, 1978). Nonetheless, studies have indicated that it is challenging to design a classroom arrangement that allow all students in the classroom to have highest interaction with the students. Teachers and instructors can also increase the interaction between the teachers and students by moving around the classroom as they instruct the students. Also, through student-centered learning approach, the interaction of the teachers and students is increased.

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