Virtual tour of Winslow Homer – Sample Paper

The Winslow Homer is a collection of various works of art mostly done in the 18th century. It features very interesting pieces that are clear to understand and easy to relate to. Two of the pieces are reviewed below and an exclusive commentary done on each.

Dad’s Coming

The first work viewed is the painting titled ‘Dad’s Coming’. This particular piece was done in 1873. It is an oil painting in the Paul Mellon collection.  It depicts a family at the seafront waiting for the return of their fisherman father and husband. The artist uses impressionism to depict the worry and anxiety on both the son and the wife. The wife is seen to face away from the sea, a clear indication that the artist wanted to show the worry of uncertainty on her face. This is probably due to the many sea tragedies experienced by fishermen at the time, most of which resulted to death. The son on the other hand is seen facing the horizon, something which indicates that he is anxious about the return of his father. It captures the imagination of the viewer and puts his or her conscience into the situation in the picture. This helps in ensuring that the captivating theme will assist in forming a lasting impression on the viewer.

Breezing Up (A Fair Wind)

The second work viewed is ‘Breezing Up’. It is also called ‘a fair wind’ and was done between 1873 and 1876’. This painting was a gift of W. L. and T. Mellon foundation and is oil on canvas piece of painting. It was described as extremely energetic and full of freshness. The painting shows the occupants of the boat quite calm despite the danger that comes with being in deep waters. The skipper’s son seems to be full of cheer and excitement looking into the final destination while enjoying the current moment. The formation of the skipper and his two other passengers show unity and cohesion. This is attributed to the way they all are working in unison to steer the boat around to balance. This may reflect on the struggle to independence which required unity and support for a common goal. The use of symbolism is well utilized as this work was exhibited on the same year that America celebrated a century as a nation. This is very captivating as it influences to viewer into a deep reflective thought towards the background of the theme. It compels one to try and resonate the painting and the situation of the country at the time, causing a happy realization and a mood of celebration. All these features used on this piece of work are instrumental in linking the viewers’ emotions with those of the artist therefore creating a college of ideology only achievable through perfect art.

These two pieces of art have caused a permanent idea of the mood of the American people, on the important event of attaining the nation’s independence. They both depict the joy of freedom, the uncertainty of a mentally oppressing era as well as how it feels like to be in the journey to freedom. For instance in the Dad’s Coming, the mood in the fisherman’s family’s faces shows how much a task it is to walk into oblivion over an important subject. These two works provide a breathtaking, scintillating experience as takes up the mind into an emotional world that seems to bring a lot of pride in the way the two families are ach well bonded and unified. Generally, it is a collection of awesome work that doubles as both educative and entertaining.

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