Week 10: Assessing Marketing Strategy


The service based company involves various trained nannies who are always available for making house calls to take care of children aged below 10, whenever their parents are not home. This can be due to work, emergency situations, or basically running errands that will be impossible to do with children around. These nannies are available all through the day and night, and parents can always call them when they need time for themselves.

Strategies to Assess Performance and Achieve Marketing Goals

For marketing goals to be achieved, the performance of the marketing activity and content must be bearing fruit (Ewing, Stewart, Mather & Newton, 2014). Therefore, it is always important to save time and assess performance beforehand so as to ensure that the marketing goals will be achieved. Key performance indicators will be used. These will include; the number of new customers gained every week, the location of most new customers, their feedbacks after first use of services, and many more. These indicators will help to show areas that are doing well and those that need more effort.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan involves three sections; the target customers, how they can be reached and steps to take to ensure their loyalty and retention to the company (Ewing, Stewart, Mather & Newton, 2014). This service based company basically targets couples who have children aged below 10. These customers need to be willing to pay a few dollars per hour to hire a qualified nanny to watch kids at anytime. Since these target customers are expected to be busy, they can be reached through media advertisements as well as posters all over town. To retain them, the company will always ensure they get high quality and reliable services all the time at cheap prices.

            Generally, consumers have a habit of comparing product prices, and then going for cheaper prices, or rather for good quality products. The major competitors are the common babysitters who are often teenagers and unreliable as well as day cares. To ensure the company is at the top of its market, fair prices will be charged per hour. The nanny will not only look after the kids, but also clean after them. Mature and well trained specialists will be the only individuals recruited by the company to ensure they can offer quality and reliable services to customers.

The market of this company will be segmented basing on the age of children, financial background and also level of hours needed to look after the children. There are some parents who will only need the service for a few hours a day, so they can run errands while others will need the nanny to watch the kids all day. Some parents can afford a few more dollars an hour more than others. The younger the child, the more the activities a nanny may have to handle while on duty. Therefore, all these are factors that are considered when deciding on market segmentation.

            To ensure the target customers mentioned above have an easy access to our services, the company will establish simple offices in all operating states. This will ensure that nannies are always within reach, even during emergency situations where they may be required to report immediately.

            The branding strategy for the services offered will be based on the benefits customers can get by using them, compared to using the old school teenage baby sitters (Ewing, Stewart, Mather & Newton, 2014). These benefits will be presented through nannies every time they are hired.

In the marketing process, the research tools used are surveys, focus groups and also the social networks. These tools help to identify the needs of consumers, determine any changing trends and special needs and so on.


This company expects to achieve its marketing goals by ensuring that the factors in the marketing plan are effectively considered. Aside from these, the key performance indicators will help to identify whether the efforts already applied are yielding any fruits, and if changes need to be made.

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