Weekly Reflections – Substantive And A Procedural Law

A Substantive And A Procedural Law are related but distinct. A substantive   law creates and controls duties and rights of businesses and parties; in business example would be the laws regarding business contracts as well as real business properties like laws that prohibit trespassing on another person’s property.  The US constitution amendment implements laws prohibiting trusts, discrimination and restraint of trade as part of a substantive law. Procedural law enforces the substantive law. It controls and creates process geared towards enforcing the duties and rights in the substantive law. In business, examples would be the laws of jurisdictions, evidence, pleading and practice. This is clear in the 14th amendment in the US constitution in the procedural regulations of corporations, business professions and trades.

A law can be civil or criminal: a civil law is a law of private rights and duties. Unlike the substantive law, that controls and creates the general duties and rights of parties, civil law deals with rights and duties of private parties. An example of a civil law is the law that demands that all the contracts of sales of real properties must be in proper writing. In the US constitution  amendment, this is implemented in the  civil rights act of 1886.Whereas a civil law concerns private parties, a criminal law concerns the public. It is of public duties and rights. It controls and creates violations against the whole community.  Examples would be the laws against burglary and assault this is evident in the 14th amendment of the US constitution which shows clarity in criminal statutes.

Common laws are the laws that involve the new decisions made and owned by the judges in the court of law, it is developed entirely on the basis of preceding ruling of the judges examples would be the laws regarding to the accounting practices needed when starting a business.  Statutory laws on the other hand are the written new laws and are issued by government agencies; they are passed by legislation, country government and the individuals accepted by the society. Examples would be the laws regarding the systems of checks and balances among the legislative, executive and judicial branches.  In business, an example is the law that prevents employees from discriminating against race, color, culture and ethnicity among others.

Safety and health topics equips my field with effective and resourceful trends that on applying makes my business flourish, safety and health weekly topic provide room for progress and adaptability of the business. Laws of different kind are made clear and precise. Weekly business reflections topics have great relations to my hair business field. They reflect on the business current demands and areas of great interest.

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