Why America’s First Factories Started in the Northern Countryside

America’s industrialization began in the northern countryside. It is for this reason that the northern countryside of America is referred to as the industrialization cradle. Several factors prompted the establishment of America’s first factories in the northern countryside including farm size, power source, and labor force.

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Most of the Northern countryside farms were smaller as compared to those in the Southern region of America. The farms could not grow tobacco or cotton or other large-scale cash crops. However, they were well suited for the development of factories. The Northeast had started developing strong regional economies due to trade as merchants were at the top of the region’s social hierarchy. As a result, the region was well positioned, financially to establish factories (Kemp, 2013). Besides the farm size, the Southern region was still reliant on slave labor, which aligned with farming as opposed to the industry model. The northern region had abolished slavery hence embracing paid labor which aligned with industrialization (Cobb, 2014).

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In addition, the northeastern countryside had coal reserves. The reserves of coal produced power for the factories’ machines. During the early stages of the American industrial revolution, coal was the main source of energy. Additionally, the northern countryside had an abundance of labors for the factories. British settlers were highly concentrated in the Northern regions of America such as modern-day Boston, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, among others. The abundance of laborers in the regions ensured that the factories had sufficient workers (Kemp, 2013).

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