Why Dubai Should Be Made the Capital of the World

Considering the rate at which the forces of technology and globalization continue to spin the international political economy into one meticulously interleaved fabric, the idea of having global megacities no longer seems outlandish. As the world approaches this reality, the conversation has taken a different shift to focus on the city that would make a perfect global capital. With Japan, Europe and Korea establishing themselves as highly ethnocentric and culturally self-superior, none of their cities qualify for the position (Fraering, 2007). As the world steps into the post-American era, it would be imprudent to go for any city in the Americas. Old Asia and Russia cannot offer this either because of the rigid bureaucratic nature of their political systems. This paper argues that Dubai would be the most appropriate world capital because it is a new city in a less powerful country, and is devoid of ethnocentric attitudes.

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Dubai’s social climate fosters cross-cultural interactions because no particular culture has established itself as superior. In Japan, most of Europe and Korea, ethnocentrism is a major hindrance to cross-cultural conversations and serene co-existence (Fraering, 2007). Such nations would not be appropriate choices because a world capital should reflect the blend of all world cultures, much like Dubai does. In a city with ethnocentric attitudes, such vices as racism and cultural profiling would thrive, hindering social and economic development by creating a class society.

Dubai has flexible and liberal political and financial systems. Russia and the rest of old Asia would not be suitable homes to the world capital because the world is moving away from bureaucratic political economies for their inflexibility (Hvidt, 2009). The world economy cannot thrive in a rigid, government-controlled environment because the rate at which multinational organizations compete, free market policies are inevitable. Dubai is highly flexible and liberal, mostly because it is a new entrant in the list of the largest global political economies (Hvidt, 2009). It would make an ideal business and political capital of the world because in addition to the flexibility, it is known for its high level of technology.

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Dubai would be the perfect choice to start the “rise of the rest” movement. The United States has had great influence on other world cultures for a long time. During the American era, many nations tried to adopt the American political and business cultures because it was a model democracy. Currently, however, the rest of the world endeavours to step into the post-American era, a time for the “rise of the rest” (Zakaria, 2013).  For this part, Canada would be considered a part of America because it is in the Northern part, and has adopted a culture highly comparable to that of the USA. Having eliminated the USA and Canada, Dubai again emerges as the city of choice. In conclusion, this essay argues that, by the elimination approach, Dubai would be the perfect capital city of the world. Europe, Japan and Korea face elimination on the grounds of ethnocentrism and their attitudes of cultural superiority. Secondly, Russia and the rest of old Asia get off the list for their inflexible political and economic policies, which would hinder fast global progress. Lastly, the USA and Canada, other potential candidates, fail the test because the world is fast progressing into the post-American era. Therefore, Dubai, a city devoid of cultural insensitivities and ethnocentrism, would be the most appropriate choice.

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