Workforce diversity And Performance Evaluation – HRM Terms

Workforce diversity

Workforce diversity is important as it portrays a positive reputation of a working environment since it is evident that the organization practices no employment discrimination. Workforce diversity is used at work to inculcate a culture of nurturing creative ideas to the mix as a result of incorporating heterogeneous groups in the organizations workforce (Scott & Byrd, 2012). One interesting fact about workforce diversity is that the business world is embracing economic globalization era in which a company’s global look is an inevitable factor.

Performance Evaluation

It is important for an organization to conduct a performance evaluation of its employees in order to ensure that organization’s and the individual’s  needs are met through assessing and job performance status to subordinate employees and make suggestions on the needed changes in skills, attitude, job knowledge and behavior. An example of an area at work in which performance evaluation is used is where a senior personnel has the obligation to indicate strengths and weaknesses of the subordinate for an informed changes making. An interesting area in performance evaluation is the variations in the key steps involves in the preparations of conducting performance appraisal. These variation create a huge gap in having a standardized performance appraisal criterion (Grote, 2009).

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