Marketing Assistant Job Description

Job overview

This marketing assistant position at Deja’ Vu, a non-alcoholic beverages company that is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer, is for a creative and team-oriented person. The successful candidate will help in developing our marketing department by performing primary and administrative duties. This will involve organization and implementation of various marketing projects, performing various administrative duties in the department and market research.

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The employee for this fulltime position with basic 40-hour weeks will start work on January 5, 2019. The annual pay is USD 80,000 and benefits include insurance and company stocks. The position involves working in the office and in the field, and there are also opportunities to work at home.

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Duties and responsibilities

The duties of the marketing assistant include:

  • Assisting organize and implement marketing campaigns.
  • Assisting the department’s goals achievement for the overall growth of the company.
  • Assisting development of marketing strategies.

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The responsibilities of the marketing assistant are:

  • Perform marketing administrative tasks by coordinating the activities of the department for efficient functionality.
  • Assist in organizing various marketing projects.
  • Conduct market research and analyze market data.
  • Update company inventories and databases with relevant marketing data, including financial and statistical data.
  • Assist organizing and implementing traditional and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Manage and frequently update Deja’ Vu’s website and social media accounts
  • Publish and distribute the company’s marketing literature.
  • Develop good relationships with and among company stakeholders.


  • Bachelor degree in marketing, business or relevant field.
  • Excellent communication and people skills.
  • Office administration skills and knowledge.
  • Excellent skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, marketing software and databases.
  • Market research knowledge and experience. 
  • Experience working in a busy marketing department.
  • Good organization skills that respect time and are customer focused.

Special considerations

  • Deja’ Vu is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.
  • This job description is not a contract of employment between the employee and the company. The company may exercise its employment-at-will rights at any time.

Determining duties and qualifications

In determining the duties and qualifications, marketing activities of a small to medium sized company were considered. It is appreciated as an assistant, the employee will not be the main decision-maker in the department. However, to ensure the position is challenging and satisfying, some decision-making and problem-solving in administrative and research duties have been allocated.

That it is a small company means the marketing assistant will be involved in all spheres across the department including strategy formulation. The qualifications and experience gained from the position offers the employee room for personal and professional growth within the company. The employment laws considered in drawing up the job description are Equal Employment Opportunity, Equal Pay Act and Fair Labor Standards Act.

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