ANCC PMHNP Certification Exam

Checkpoint for Certification Plan

National certification is a most momentous chapter for would-be licensed nurse practitioners today.  It is particularly vital for any aspiring Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs) as a test of mettle, ability to meet set prerequisites, and surviving rigorous preliminary evaluation by the esteemed American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). The main objective of administering the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Practice Board Certification (PMHNP-BC) exam has traditionally been to gauge the overall efficiency, expertise, and knowledge of nurse practitioners (NPs) in their capacity as aspirant clinical staff (Kub, 2019, p. 281). Competency testing in nursing practice is, therefore, crucial in determining proficiency based on capabilities linked to nurse-patient relationship, initial review of patients, and the consequent management of disease.

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Application Requirements

Applying the most suitable initial preparation for the ANCC PMHNP certification exam is fundamental and critical to success. Planning ordinarily involves becoming well acquainted with current application requirements, academic requirements, personal groundwork and subsequent financial preparation. I can proudly report that I have successfully completed my application within the apportioned time and met the eligibility criteria as outlined by the Florida Board of Nursing (Florida Board of Nursing, 2020). I already hold a valid Registered Nurse (RN) license, with broad experience working in the field of mental health, and presented my education credentials for review, pursuant to board regulations.

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 Preparations for Certification    

            Due to the germane significance of the PMHNP-BC) exam, I have resorted to developing a detailed and structured study plan capable of aiding me during my final preparations. According to Thomas, (2017), final preparations for a major tests and examinations may prove taxing, which is why a customized study plan comes highly recommended. My study preparations were, therefore, marked by considerable changes in usual routine and the creation of a fresh plan based on the scheduled exam timeline. I set aside one hour each evening solely dedicated to extensive revision in a remote section of our expansive home library devoid of distractions. My family members have also been supportive during this demanding period. They have continually strived to provide an ideal home environment to amplify my efforts. My father even went the extra mile and purchased electronic bundles of peer-reviewed journals for evaluation to improve my outlook and knowledge on printed literature.

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Furthermore, I have extensively combed through the internet in search of ascribed online repositories with relevant PMHNP material, audio file reviews, and preparatory exams to gauge my grasp of module materials. Honing research skills is beneficial in the identification of imperative patterns in published literature in a wide range of nursing (Rose & Regan-Kubinski, 2016). This maiden perception of printed literature will support efforts to make an informed decision during any given scenario in the near future. Conduct an in-depth review of all examination requirements to avoid making slipups is also crucial during preparation (Wesemann, 2019). In my opinion, my most noteworthy decision yet was booking the exam well in advance and administered during the first week of April. I plan to spend the remaining time engrossed in relevant academic material, identifying areas where I still experience considerable difficulty, and engage my supervisors, and preceptors for further clarification.

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Scheduled Tasks

            The recent decision by the Board of Examinations (BoE) to provide a copy of the exam timetable has, to a great extent, expedited timely completion of major tasks. For instance, I have tweaked my study sessions and developed an enriched version to reflect key calendar events identified in the exam timetable for the purpose of congruence. However, this busy regimen has sadly meant that a number of the key tasks are pending. At the top of my to-do list is my goal of improving my overall grasp of psychopharmacology and pharmacology, in addition to the implications of both aspects in nursing practice.

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 Additional tasks will include a comprehensive review of study material with the aim of engaging fellow students; evaluating available study resources and applying a degree critical outlook during the initial evaluation.  Given the current state of the nation and being in the middle of a global pandemic, I intend to implement a “contactless” methodology; using the group feature in Facebook and WhatsApp applications to create discussion forums to discuss the ANCC PMHNP Certification exam and relevant pitfalls to avoid. 

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Time management will also be among scheduled tasks. I intend to prepare and improve my mastery of a skill well capable of influencing whether I succeed or fail my active endeavor. Part of my preparation will also involve purchasing electronic versions of previous PMHNP-BC exams and the General Testing and Renewal Handbook to boost my comprehension level with direct regard to the certification process. Similarly, financial preparation also proves instrumental during routine preparation (Lauchner et al., 2016).  This will generally entail setting funds aside for exam-related expenditures, study resources, transportation and licensure cost.

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National certification presents one of the most exciting exploits yet. I am an aspiring Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs) with an optimistic disposition and the primary objective of thriving in my forthcoming American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) administered exam. I met the eligibility criterion set by the Florida Board of Nursing (FBN) and have been profoundly involved in preparing for the exam. Currently, I feel adequately prepared due to my work ethic and discipline and ardently look forward to my future role as a budding Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs).

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