George Washington’s Farewell Address Analysis – Answered

Washington’s Farewell Address Analysis Assignment Instructions

You will analyze the major points of George Washington’s “Farewell Address” and write a 3-page analysis, considering contemporary government and including differing points of view.

Your analysis must adhere to the following specifications:

  • No more than 3 double-spaced pages (12-point font with 1-inch margins).
  • Must include a title page (not counted in total page number) that contains:
    • A title,
    • Your name,
    • Your section (GOVT 200-S02),
    • Your instructor’s name, and
    • The date the assignment is due (all single-spaced in the footer of the cover page).

Analysis of Washington Farewell Address – Sample Answer


Washington Farewell Address refers to a letter written by George Washington addressing the United States citizens when he was just about to retire. Washington had served American government as a president for two consecutive terms. Washington letter appreciates citizens’ support to him as a president. It also advises future American leaders on how to handle sensitive affairs of the country.  He warns American citizen among sectionalism and support of politician who would destroy the unity of the country. He also warned against unconstitutional manner of changing the government and development of strong foreign attachments. The letter targets both the American citizens and the American politicians by reminding them of role they have to play to ensure that the United States remains united and strong enough to overcome future political and economic challenges.

Washington Farewell Address Analysis

In the beginning of his letter, Washington addresses sectionalism and unity of the United States. Washington urged Americans that they should remain united and not to allow any form of sectionalism based on the region, political principles, geographical position, and habit or for any other reason. He clearly reminded Americans of the benefits of their unity and warned that that they can only prosper; grow economically and politically if they remain united.  He also urged Americans to consider themselves as American before considering themselves as members of a certain region, state, or city and give more strength to the American unity by supporting the government to maintain the American Unity. This clearly shows that Washington believed that Americans could enjoy more benefits as United States than it would as segregated states.

Washington ruled when most philosopher and politicians criticized the idea of having one president for 50 states. To them, this was a very big region to be governed by one president and most of them seek to change the policies that united the American states. Therefore, Washington knew that the unity of the county was at stake especially if people would decide to choose the wrong person to replace him. He also feared that this could be done by the change of constitution to weaken the government power and thus giving unworthy politicians an opportunity to overturn the government. In this regard, Washington warned Americans of the ill motive of all those who consider splitting the United States into individual states. He urged them to consider giving republic governance a chance before they make a decision on whether to split it or to maintain it as a republic state. He demonstrated his great support to the constitution government and urged people to only consider constitution amendment as the only way to change anything in the government. By so doing, Washington discouraged people from accepting other measures such as a coup to change the American government. He focused more on standard ways of doing amendments in the government without initiating civil or political war in the republic. This shows how much he valued peace in America.

Washington also gave a special attention to political parties. He informed Americans political parties are one of the major government, state and country’s enemies and warned against their support. Despite of acknowledging that group formation is natural, he warned that political groups can sometimes be more powerful to interfere with the government operations and thus, they are regarded as government’s enemy in America. He also warned that most political parties tends to challenge the constitution of a country and thus, if encouraged they may destabilize the country with their wrong ideas. Washington had noted the great faith American people had in him and thus, his message was basically to assist his successor in managing the Americans by guiding on their future behavior.

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