Marketing Plan for a D’Body Herbal Body lotion

Branding strategy for your product for D’Body Lotion

The D’Body brand is among the most recognized skin and beauty care brands worldwide. D’body Incentive Herbal Lotion was established in 1940 and the D’body brand now covers up to nine product varieties ranging from facial moisturizers to sun care and body lotion products. Since Millan Limited, the company that owns D’Body Incentive Herbal Lotion, launched the product; the company has constantly focused on developing natural, safe, and innovative remedies for skin rejuvenation. In 2001, Millan Limited Company received an ISO 9001:2000 certification. The brand name depicts the fact that the body lotion gives an individual a wholesome healthy skin and the confidence to handle everything since one is sure they look amazing. With time, D’Body has developed a range of skincare products namely D’body Intensive Herbal Lotion, Protecting Body Lotion, and Nourishing Body Lotion. The growing public acceptance of the D’body products in the market is tremendous. The brand developers successfully used the available knowledge of skincare market to create natural products that help soothe irritated skin and maintain skin glow.

D’Body brand adopts two types of extensions namely brand extension and line extension. These authors identified two approaches to brand definition. D’Body Incentive Herbal Lotion brand is the driver product whereas D’Body Nourishing Body Lotion brand is primarily the identifier product.

The slogan

The slogan gives the customers an insight to the company’s objectives (Armstrong, G., Kotler& He, 2000). D’body brand focus has always been to create products that both their male and female consumers can relate with and enjoy constantly over the years. Their main objective is to produce a product that transforms the consumer’s skin soft and impeccable. This objective has been depicted in the several slogans that the company has used over the years. Their initial slogan was ‘’for the skin you deserve’’ while other slogans followed, such as ‘’naturally flawless skin”, ‘’your skin, our business’’, ‘’making you stand out’’ and ‘’get your groove on’’. The slogans are incentives that enable the brand leave a memory in the customer’s mind and it helps the customers to relate to and understand the product.

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