MGMT 8025 – Application : Personal Human Resource Philosophy

Human Resource Philosophy


Organizations are in the business of making profit and ensuring that the owners or stakeholders are satisfied with the performance of the business. Companies succeed because of employees who are devoted to their jobs. Such devotion stems from effective management practices by the company in general and the human resource in particular. As such, the company through the human resource should provide a stepping-stone for the employees to enable them reach to their maximum potential and thus deliver quality services to the organization and the customers as a whole.

Therefore, companies should play their part in creating a healthy working environment for their workers to ensure that they are at their optimal condition to increase productivity in the company (Bolman & Deal, 2013). Business should therefore not focus on meeting their interests at the expense of the wellbeing of the employees but should ensure that the efforts of the employees are considered to prevent employees being worn-out and further reducing their productivity in the company.

Human Resource Philosophy


The mission of the human philosophy is to ensure that the organization together with the employees benefit from their mutual coexistence and to ensure that each party at the end of the day is satisfied by the input and output (Shani et al., 2011). Employees are thus an important part of an organization that helps it progress forward according to the measures put in place for their welfare or motivation. Success in an organization comes about by the use of qualified staff to meet the objectives of the company.


  1. To treat employees with utmost dignity, fairness and honor throughout their stay at the company
  2. To make sure that the business meets its business objectives and goals by selecting and recruiting highly qualified staff
  3. The company will focus on providing quality service to its customers through the incessant commitment of its highly trained staff as they use their creativity, talents, skills and knowledge while working for the company


In finding the right people, the company will use methods that select, retain and recruit highly qualified individuals that are ready to participate in ensuring the success of the business. As such, the business will aim to get the personnel that have the current skills that will put it at an advantage over its competitors. Qualified personnel in the organization are important, and all employees at their levels will be treated equally to prevent any effect on the productivity of the individual employees (Morgan, 2006). Therefore, I will aim to recruit and ensure that the highly qualified staffs are retained for enabling the company to advance. The management will concentrate on ensuring that the hired workers are retained through compensations and the care of other needs that are associated with employees.


Promotion will take place according to the experience, performance and leadership qualities of an individual. Exemplary performance will be looked into to ensure that the people who are appointed for promotion have the necessary qualities (Purce, 2014). The promotion will further follow exemplary performance of particular employees and follow on their problem solving capabilities at the workplace. Therefore, for one to be eligible for promotion he or she shall be vetted with a panel set up for the particular function of promotion.

Training and Development

Training and develop a workforce is important. Training helps the employees improve their skills and further face the various challenges affecting the organization both externally and internally. As such, employees are in a better position to ensure that their work processes are done optimally to meet the dynamic needs of the organization (Bratton & Gold, 2012). Training and development thus helps employees to be more competent at their workstations. The training thus helps the workers to gain more skills that are necessary for the efficient working on various tasks. Therefore, I will study the employees at the work environment together with the internal and external requirements of similar organization to come up with a training plan that will help in ensuring optimal performance among the workers.


The company significantly adheres to various beliefs and practices in the workplace that governs the relationship of the organization to the employee. The company aims to use the input of the employees in ensuring that they benefit largely and help the company become an environment where every individual in the organization cherishes diligence and hard work. The company believes that workers should embrace any diversity and have peaceful coexistence in their various tasks.  Truth and honesty are highly valued by the company among its workforce. The company beliefs in excellence and the use of full potential and, therefore, all means will be used to ensure that the worker is performing at his or her full potential (Storey, 2014).

The organization beliefs that hard work lead to success and, therefore, every employee will be required to provide input that is enough and that is related to their ability to ensure optimal performance. The organization further believes in integrity and honesty at the workplace. The employees will have to uphold integrity and honesty at their different workstations to ensure that their activities are not marred by irregularities (Aswathappa, 2013).

Therefore, all the employees will have to follow the various beliefs in the organization to prevent any conflict that may arise between the workers and the organization. The organization will thus aim at providing to the employee by the output from the employee. It will seek to foster the beliefs of the organization in the employee to ensure that he or she performs to the maximum for the benefit of the organization and the customers as a whole. The company thus upholds integrity, and honesty in the work of its employees as the most important values and the beliefs fall on these two values.

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