Borrowed Theories In Nursing – Discussion

Borrowed Theories Guiding Nursing Practice

Nursing theory might be borrowed from different disciplines. Borrowed theory refers to as knowledge created from other disciplines and is adapted in nursing disciplines. Researchers in nursing have been employing theories and frameworks from other disciplines. These theories and frameworks have added to the nursing theory development. In addition, the value of shared or borrowed theory is that it permits nursing to validate, interpret, expand, and add it in the nursing conditions. The lack of substantive inclusive nursing theories has yielded to nursing borrowing theoretical research instruments, concepts, and assumptions from other disciplines that include education, anthropology, psychology, and sociology, and adopting propositions and concepts from other paradigms that include humanism, psychoanalysis, adaptation, and development (Sousa & Hayman, 2002, p.1).

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Borrowed theory provides nursing with a chance to develop a foundation in which to create their unique nursing theories. Basically, nursing create unique theory through the extension of borrowed theory where researchers use borrowed theories to inquire into experiences and phenomena associated with nursing. The unique way in which nursing perceives all phenomena describes the limits and its inquiry nature and typifies its actions and distinctive perspective (Schunk, 2012, p.234).

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For instance, theories based on behavioral learning are borrowed from education theories. The education discipline provides the framework for learning which is borrowed and developed further to establish how learning can be employed in nursing. In this advancement, various learning aspects in nursing are regarded prior to the theory advancement. Thus, borrowed theory is regarded to play a major role in directing nursing researchers to establish the best research techniques to employ to base a certain theoretical situation in nursing McEwen  & Wills, 2014, p. 386).

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