Career Possibilities And Usefulness of Research in Psychology

Usefulness of research in psychology

  • Psychologists acquire additional knowledge on how to handle people effectively through extensive research (Dunn, 2015).
  • This explains how useful research in psychology is in the real world.
  • Both basic and applied research are useful in psychology.

Careers in psychology that use scientific research

The following careers in psychology use scientific research;

  1. Psychopathology or abnormal psychology: uses scientific research to find out the factors that influence the development of clinical disorders.
  2. Experimental psychology: uses scientific research to examine the basic functions of the mind and brain such as motor control, memory, cognition, and perception (Dunn, 2015).
  3. Consumer psychology: uses scientific research to advance the knowledge and principles necessary for the development of consumer products (Dunn, 2015)
  4. Forensic psychology: applies scientific research in examining the origin and impacts of criminal behavior
  5. Other careers in psychology that use scientific research include Developmental psychology, Health psychology, Cultural psychology, and Educational psychology (Dunn, 2015).


  • The  best example that demonstrates the usefulness of scientific research in psychology is a study conducted by Cherkasova et al. (2013).
  • In this article, the authors have uses scientific research to investigate the developmental course and predictors of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  • Knowledge acquired from such a study is largely used by psychopathologists.

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