Examining Allegory of the Cave Myth From Plato’s Republic And Application In Our Lives


Individual knowledge of the world and what revolves around the world can highly be limited by the information an individual have about the world. This in most cases is limited based on what others want you to believe. This makes it easy for them to control individual’s life. This limitation can only end when the limited person is able to access any information that is beyond the limitation. This provide the person with the opportunity to know the actual truth and thus to be freed from the world of limitations and lies. This paper examines the Allegory of the Cave and description of a situation in which this myth fitted in my life experience.

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Part I

I was brought up and raised by my uncle after the death of my parents in an accident. During my growth, I was made to believe how much my uncle and his family loved me and how much they sacrificed to take care of me. The situation was so real that I believed in their lies about taking the sacrifice of adopting me and having to share their little earnings with me. I would go without some basic needs though my uncle could manage to drive big cars and to take us to holidays now and then. I could take simple jobs during holidays to at least have some money to cater for some of my needs. Normally my uncle could manage to pay for my fees but he taught me to survive without demanding for things that I would need. I thought this was as a result of financial strain. I would do a lot of house work without complains as a way of saying thanks for what they had done to me. At all this time, I did not know that it is my uncle and his family that were living on my inheritance. His main intention was to deprive me from my inheritance. This force beliefs and information can be compared by Plato imprisonment in a cave. I got the wrong picture based on what was shown to me. I lived a lie just like the prisoners in Plato cave (Sayre, 2013).

Part II

I happened to meet one of my father’s friend one day, when I was working as a waiter in a hotel in town. He recognized me with the name in my work budge and similar physical appearance with my father. He was devastated by my state despite of all my inheritance. I was shocked and I decided to question him more about my father’s wealth. It is then that I realized that my uncle’s family was living on my inheritance. With his help I was able to get hold of my father’s lawyer and to read the will. I got all the information I needed regarding my father’s property. My uncle was supposed to be the care taker till the age of 16. I was already 17 but had not received my share. I questioned him and he became harsh and resistance. I had to seek the intervention of a lawyer to obtain my property back.

Part III

With the right legal procedures, I was able to get my property back as indicated in my father’s will. I was since then able to live a decent life with all that I needed, without any struggle. Since then, I realized that there is false love which is meant to oppress someone, while others are benefiting fully from it. I always advise my friends and other orphans to be as much connected to their parents’ friends and neighbors to know more about their origin, their parent’s life before they died and the wealth they accumulated. This will save them from oppression, loosing properties to greedy relatives and suffering in life. This exit can be employed while trying to overcome other property grabbers or to fight for individual rights in other situations including workplace discrimination.

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Normally, people can take advantage of lack of knowledge or innocence of the other person to oppress them and to acquire more than they are entitled in life. This is done by ensuring that only partial truth or limited information is provided to these people in their entire life. However, the may come a time when these individual realize the truth by acquiring information from unexpected sources. This help them to fight for their liberalization and those who had enslaved them can only suffer the consequences of their actions

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