Christian Worldview As It Relates To Criminology

What you believe matters, but branding and marketing proficient tells us that it all starts with perception. No matter how grand a product may be, I can never attempt it until I have a positive perception. Once that occurs, I will consider giving it a try. In a comparable approach, for decades, Christians have endeavored to share their belief with the culture, but at the moment are losing colossal ground when it comes to perception.  Society is undergoing through, one of the most remarkable changes  in history on issues such as gay marriage,  abortion,  stem cell research,,  personal privacy religious freedom,  sexuality, and more(Bachman, & Schutt, 2013).  Many of these concerns collide with historic positions of the Church, which in these media driven era engenders massive and usually negative advertising. Because   of these unenthusiastic perceptions, many populaces are turning away without even taking into account the positive aspects of Christianity.

Christian Worldview As It Relates To Criminology.

A worldview is a set of beliefs and attitude used to comprehend the world. All and sundry have a worldview. Everyone has a set of values by which to judge right and wrong, and which directs them in everyday living.  This is because everyone is adapted to behaving in a comportment that is consistent with what you believe. In other words, you behave according to your worldview; your worldview outlines the foundation of how you interpret truth, your worldview is a lens through which you glance at the world, your worldview contours your ethical beliefs( Russell, 2004)  It influences your thoughts toward God, politics, marriage, raising children, education, and preference on food. It influences everything since, all of that which surrounds you, and all of that with which you intermingle must be construed, and must be understood in light of your worldview. In regard to crime and punishment, the first irrefutable reality is that most people, who end up being imprisoned for crime in America, are those that are disadvantaged in life. Consequently, the distinctiveness of most victims matches exactly with the characteristics of most offenders. The only difference is, victims tend to be younger than offenders.

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The public outline of most victims and offenders, then, is that of an inexpensively disadvantaged, inner-city, minority male who comes from a broken home, is functionally uninformed, and whose main relations to this point in life have not at all been productive in large part because the circumstances of his life have not been productive. Criminology, then, gives a appealing bleak and unsophisticated view of human behavior either way. On the one hand, criminology portrays human beings as absolutely riotous and conniving masters of their environment (Bachman, & Schutt, 2013). The conclusion that must be drawn about criminology from a Christian perspective is that criminology mainly overlooks the flesh and blood truth of the human state; that humans are both affected by social environment afar their control, but also have the authority to direct their lives. Undeniably, to many Christians and social scientists alike, the impression of, Christian Criminology seems evenly illogical to Christians because Jesus functions with a power in the world far beyond what any academic presumption can expound.

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Explain how your perception of criminal behavior was fashioned by your own experience and prior biblical instruction

In studying the message and life of Jesus, we learn that he was in fact an educator of the way to be, in the world. For example, the parables, the Sermon on the Mount, His own suffering, his moment of anguish on the cross, all spectacularly speak to us about the human condition. In addition, Jesus empathy for those cast off, his jubilation of the insignificant, his declaration; If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first (John 15:18), radically challenge us to re-evaluate God’s, terms of acceptance. Criminal Justice is all about trying to make us secure, whatever it takes. The exertion of criminal justice, subsequently, like the work of Jesus, is a profession devoted to serving the poor, where we scrutinize the biblical pattern of those with the smallest amount to lose, loses the most.

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Jesus promise that the last shall be first and the first shall be last. In chapter 10 of Matthew, Jesus gives run off to his disciples: he tells them, do not think that I have come to bring peace, but a sword. A little earlier (Matthew 5:27) he says: Think not that I am come to overthrow the law; I have come not to overthrow but to fulfill. In my view, the law is what he said it is: you reap what you sow, and if you sow destruction, in your personal life, or as a society, destruction is definitely, what you will acquire in return.

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