CIS 523 – Cyber Terrorism And Targets Outside Financial Community

Prompt :  Cyber terrorism scenarios typically focus on the financial industry, envisioning attacks on bank networks or stock exchanges. But many other organizations could be damaged in a cyber attack, and the harm could affect huge numbers of people. As a group, discuss this issue. List several potential targets outside the financial community and discuss the damage that could result if those targets were attacked in an organized, concerted manner.

Cyber terrorism attacks are deadly terror attacks that are planned through the digital network. When cyber terrorism occurs, its severity is even more than that of the unsophisticated worms and viruses observed in many organizations today. Majority of cyber terrorists attack the financial industry causing great damage to financial institutions and their clients. According to Gross (2003). cyber terrorism can cause countries and organizations billions of dollars. Apart from the financial industry, cyber attacks can also take place in many other organizations causing harm huge numbers of people.

There are several other organizations in which cyber attacks can occur. These include academic institutions, military camps, companies which offer varieties of products and services to customers, and other government institutions. According to Gross (2003), the energy sector is very vulnerable for cyber attacks. The consequences of cyber attacks on the energy sector can be more severe than other attacks that take place on other government institutions. For example, in 2008, a digital attack took place on a pipeline in Turkey causing a very serious explosion. The attack occurred following infiltration of the pipeline through a wireless network and tampering with the system. Pipelines are now recognized as unquestionably vulnerable attacks to cyber attacks and this can cause damages as severe as physical attacks. Academic institutions and other organizations may lose very important data following cyber attacks (Gross, 2003).

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