Coca-Cola Company BCG Matrix

Cash Cows

They are the business products which usually bring a significant amount of income to the company. The products can be able to generate enough sales which are capable of gaining a significant share in the market that it specializes. The Coca-Cola Company has a particular line of products, and these are beverages, and this industry has significantly matured over time and various companies who are now selling their brand of cola. The Coca-Cola brand has been operating as a cash cow because this brand is being sold in 200 countries in a mature beverage company (Arnett, 2016). The industry is mature, and the company requires just little effort to keep sales high

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Star products have a high market value than the other products produced by the same company. Star products are in a market that is in the development phase, and further addition of market share is possible. Bottled water produced by the Coca-Cola Company is the star because mineral water industry is evolving all over the world attracting more customers (Arnett, 2016).

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Question Marks

Question marks products have a dubious future market, and they cannot be easily evaluated and understood. These types of products are already in the market although they have not established themselves like the star products and therefore they aren’t recognizable as stars. Although the market has their growth opportunities, these products have not yet taken the benefits of these opportunities in an efficient manner. Minute Maid product from the company is one of such products (Arnett, 2016). Although in some places it has high sales volumes it is not widely spread like coke.

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This category of products consists of products that are part of the mature industry, but they have a small feasibility to the company because they generate very minimal revenues. The company is forced to take minimum efforts towards their sales and Coca-Cola’s product in this category is Coca-Cola life which has not yet gained the expected market share (Arnett, 20116).

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