Course Reflection Paper : Development of Mathematics Curriculum

Development of Mathematics Curriculum  has provided me with the skills on how to develop a plan in which one can teach a course successfully. The course provided me with invaluable information on the importance of learning about the learners and making them a center of focus. This ensures that the needs of the learners are taken into consideration when developing specific teaching strategies. Additionally, the course provided me with a comprehensive knowledge and skills on the use of other teaching methods, which are not found in class, to enhance the understanding of the subjects being taught to the learners. For instance, the Development of Mathematics Curriculum course has made me to understand the importance that real life experience can enhance the understanding of subjects in class. Similarly, the course has made me understand how parents can enhance student learning. The Development of Mathematics Curriculum course has also provided me with immense knowledge on the various teaching philosophies that have been used successfully in teaching.

From the assignment, I have been able to understand that in order to teach mathematics successfully, it is importance to involve the learners in developing the maths-teaching plan and strategies. The various theories that the assignment has highlighted has taught me the importance of involving real life experience and parents in teaching of math. Additionally, the assignment highlights the importance of use of other instruments like calculator, iPad and computers as teaching aids and this is invaluable information for me. Furthermore, in order to achieve the necessary outcomes, the assignment has taught me the importance of asking students to develop reflection in order to assess their progress in teaching of mathematics in class. With all the strategies and suggested philosophies that the assignment indicates, the outcomes of teaching mathematics will be improved greatly.

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