Employees Welfare And Management Job Analysis – Undercover Boss Show


This is a reality show that involves a senior management officer of a company who assumes the duty of undercover in order to understand the operations of the company. It helps the officer to discover the negative aspects of the company so as to device the best approaches that will help to boost the operations of the company (Stewart & Brown, 2014).

Question 1

My analysis is based on the Macys Departmental Store. The two positions from the episode is on the Employees Welfare And Management. It is important for the manager to gather information from the employees to ensure that they offer insights that will be necessary in improvement of the operations of the company.As a Chief Executive Officer, I will gather relevant information from the workforce to ensure that the device mechanisms that will cover all the loopholes in the company and ensure that the company attains its goals and objectives in the competitive business environment (Stewart & Brown, 2014).

Question 2

There are a number of methods that I will use to collect information about the company that is important in job analysis. The most common methods are one on one interview with the employees and other stakeholders, surveys about the company in comparison with other competitors. Interviews are important because they offer a chance of engaging people directly, therefore, obtaining raw information about the company and what needs to be rectified for the company to achieve its objectives. Surveys are also important when comparing the chances of the company competing favorably in the markets with other competitors. This helps the management to initiate mechanisms that help to promote the operations of the company.

Question 3

The company will use the job description in many ways. It is the determining aspect in employment and remuneration in the company (Stewart & Brown, 2014). It is important to conduct job analysis in reviewing the job description and performance reviews of the company. it will help to reflect the present duties and responsibilities of workers in the company. As Chief Executive Officer, the job description will be important in conducting the company’s compensation study. This will determine whether the company achieves its mission and objectives. Job analysis is commonly used as a mean of auditing job description within the company.

There are different ways of conducting job analysis. The common steps I will use as a CEO include

  • Giving employees job analysis forms
  • Interviewing employees
  • Observe conduct of employees
  • Performing audits in various departments within the company

Question 4

This job analysis will be in line with the guidelines of the federal regulations if they do not violate the employees’ rights and the behavioral rights. The analysis proves to have a positive effect to the job description. It organizes the job descriptions according to the requirements of the company which proves to comply with the guidelines from the federal legislation (S.F.A.S.I. 2016).

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