Evaluative Essay On In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood is a novel that was written by Truman Capote in 1960s and it describes how the lives of American citizens have been affected by different accounts of murders that have been carried out by criminals (Caudill, 2007). Capote’s novel has faced numerous criticisms among students and instructors concerning its relevance in the current American literature and culture. In Cold Blood is based on true accounts of murders and the author uses different characters to make his story symbolic and easy to understand (Brady, 2006). This paper explains why In Cold Blood by Truman Capote is worth experiencing.

In Cold Blood is worth experiencing because it shows a clear connection with the author, which helps the reader to understand why the book has been written the way it is. The novel has been written at a period when Capote has just arrived in the United States from Europe (Caudill, 2007). There is a close connection between Capote and In Cold Blood because the manner in which the book has been written demonstrates Capote’s ability to apply his literacy skills in producing what he reader can easily understand. Using his research and effective communication skills, Capote uses In Cold Blood to narrate the American Dream that all citizens are required to achieve (Random House, 2013).

In order to come up with a good piece of writing like In Cold Blood, the author must be able to use characters effectively to develop the theme. Capote is indeed a good writer because has the capacity of organizing actors in an effective way to help describe the theme (Caudill, 2007). For example, Capote has used various characters to describe how American Dream is achieved, the types of citizens who are expected to have American Dream, and barriers to achieving American Dream. In addition, Capote has set In Cold Blood in the actual venue of the killings because the book is based on a true story. A better part of In Cold Blood talks about prison life across different states including Las Vegas, Alaska, Mexoco and Florida (Random House, 2013). Capote properly uses these courts to address his theme mainly because he some knowledge about justice. By reading In Cold Blood, the reader will be able to understand how the author’s life and capabilities can be used to communicate the theme in a novel.

In Cold Blood is worth experiencing because it vividly demonstrates how symbolism can be used to enhance a reader’s understanding of a book. Capote’s novel is symbolic in nature as it tries to use varied plots and actors to bring about the real meaning of the theme (Random House, 2013). In addition, Capote has used symbolic words and phrases to express a deeper meaning of the text beyond written words. It is only through interpretation of these symbolic words and phrases will the reader be able to understand what In Cold Blood is talking about (Brady, 2006). For instance, Capote has used the Clutter family to symbolize the victorious America after realizing the American Dream. In today’s literature, it is very difficult to find a book that critically analyzes the impacts of crime on the society like In Cold Blood. Students should read In Cold Blood in order to understand the role played by symbolism in literary writing.

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