Existentialism and Multiculturalism

In existentialism there is a drift from acting alone and as the masses, this theory encourages people to become committed to the values hold dear to themselves action is a measure of authenticity responsibility means following your freedom it takes on the challenge of confronting assumptions held by people to be true it is making a practical difference to the world. This may seem to inform revolutionary thinking where and individual in his personal capacity follows his commitments without fear.

Multiculturalism is a systematic and comprehensive response to diversity in culture, ethnicity or race. It is about how well to respond to cultural and religious diversity. In regard to the civil rights movements of the 60s led by Dr. King, they struggled to create a multiracial democracy that would be an inclusion of all regardless of colour or religion. They campaigned against segregation and discrimination. Multiculturalism is a school of thought is used an umbrella to represent political and moral claims of a broad and diversified groups of victims for instance the African American, women and recent homosexuals (Dellsén, 2011).

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