HLS210 DB – Could The Indian Government Have Done Anything To Prevent The Mumbai Attacks?

The Indian government could have taken heed of the warnings before the attacks, according to  the  interview  with Al Jazeera’s  Baba Umar,  Adrian Levy mention that there were clear trails in the warnings to India about the impeding Mumbai attacks that Instead India ignored. He adds that the warnings were 26 in number.  About the measures to prevent such attacks, the Indian government should ensure protection of their land and sea borders to prevent the infiltration of terrorists. The more immediate measure however would be removing all kinds of reservations from police and other armed forces. These are the immediate bodies to cases of homeland securities. They therefore should be mandated and provided with the relevant resources and training to enable their efficient duties. India should do off-field analysis to preempt terrorist attacks. Terrorist use of handheld devices can be averted by the use of sensors at the borders. This however has proven hard with the advancing technology that goes beyond sensors. The use of internet and these devices has been a challenge to most countries. The government should develop sophisticated software protection programs. The personal devices’ use regulation is yet another challenge. Personal devices as the name suggests, are govern by personal choices, the government only realizes when the effects are out.

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